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  • Hey Sachin,

    As you are a regular and active member of this FindNerd community. You must see my social media blogs here related to Reddit.

    As you are not only asking about traffic but you need conversions, mobile app installs,these are some steps you must follow to not only increase traffic but real conversion and app download.

    First, You need to understand that Reddit is social networking site but somewhat different from Facebook, Twitter, and G+. You cannot do spamming over there.

    • Learn the basics of Reddit:

      Whether it's Reddit or any other outdoor game one must learn the basics of it to excel in the same. You can learn the basics here: Important Reddit Lingos
    • Build you Profile:

      In Reddit, moderator of a subreddit keeps a hawk-eye on your activities. They monitor each post thoroughly whatever comes to their subreddit especially a link post which is a very common way to drive traffic to your website or Web App. There are two parameters to check how active and good your profile is at Reddit- one is comment Karma and other is Link Karma. Visit to know, How to increase comment karma on Reddit
    • Don't Try to be  Over Smart:

      Don't ever try to manipulate and subreddit just for sake of  some browny point or act like some "Clickbait". It will guarantee your account to be either shadowban from subreddit, account ban or even your Domain ban from Reddit. Visit my blog, to learn: How to Avoid shadowban or Account suspension on Reddit
    • Regularly Check Account for Ban:

      If your account is shadow banned , they don't even take the pains to notify you the same. All your posts are only visible to you and nobody else. So, it is necessary to regularly check whether your account is shadowban Reddit Account is Shadowbanned or Not?

    Hope this helps you, if you have any further query, Please contact me on Twitter @iHarishPal

  • Hi Sachin, I can say from my own experience, Reddit can drive more traffic to your site/app than all the other social media platforms. Reddit has an average of 173 million unique monthly views. It is actually made up of individual communities called subreddits. Each subreddit has its own rules. Subreddits that are specifically related to your niche and focus on becoming a contributing member in those communities. When you focus on a niche community, it will be much easier to engage the community and share your relevant expertise. I will suggest you dont ignore smaller subreddits. Every business should start with the most relevant niche communities and build up to larger, more general subreddits over time.

    Reddit is a good source to generate traffic and marketing for a business, but it is extremely difficult to actively achieve those results in a direct way. Redditors are just too good at sniffing out marketing attempts. The good news is that those types of rewards will eventually come and in the meantime, It has other things to offer. A subreddit can serve as a focus group Some businesses spend thousands of dollars on focus grouping. If you ask for feedback the right way, redditors are more than happy to share their thoughts with you for free. Their responses will help you learn more about your target audience, improve your product, and revise your marketing material.

    Redditors are much more likely to read a blog post if it is copied to reddit as a text post. If you are submitting quality content, redditors will not mind if you add a link to the end of the post that credits the original source. Start by figuring out what redditors want, then figure out a way to give it to them in a way that necessitates mentioning your brand.

    I hope itll help for your business and website are in a great position to create a successful marketing campaign. Your next step is to actually spend time on Reddit and become a true redditor.

  • Reddit is also known as the the front page of the Internet, where people can share interesting news, important links and insightful comments. It's content is divided into respective subreddits(groups/communities), where users can up-vote & down-vote your content as per their personal interest. It means if users find your content valuable they will up-vote it and it can appear on the 1st page which obviously means huge amount of traffic towards your eCommerce site.

    Here are some of the actionable tips you can use for marketing your business on Reddit :-

    1. Create a genuine profile.
    2. Follow the Reddit rules in order to become an active member.
    3. Try to post long and informative titles as Reddit users dig super-informative titles.
    4. You should have a great product before marketing it on Reddit.
    5. Focus on a long term strategy by helping & answering the community member's queries.
    6. Maintain a 10:1 ratio & then promote your website's link.
    7. Also avoid submitting 3rd party websites's links frequently, also concentrate on comments, replies, up-votes & down-votes.
    8. And please avoid asking for up-votes.
    9. Choose the correct Sub-Reddit before submitting your links.(eg:- Selling Dog's clothes links will not going to do much good in Dog/Animal subreddits.)
    10. Don't piss someone off with your link or comment otherwise they can down-vote you resulting in 0 or -ve karma points.

      I hope these points will help you in marketing your business on Reddit.
  • Hello Sachin,

    Below are some of the points that helps you in marketing your business on Reddit-

    1. Engage in other's post to increase your karma.

    2. Wait for a week, before posting your link.

    3. Submit text post or link.

    4. Text post is related to subreddit's thread.

    5. Share other website links as well.

    6. Actively participated in the conversation about a topic.

    Hope this helps you!

  • Thanks everyone for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience of Reddit marketing. Well all the answers are explained point to point. hence it will not be wise to not mark correct out of all.

    But still Amrinder and Harish had explained very cleanly with heading and proper explanation.

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