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  • Hi Harish,

    Sachin is absolutely right, you can contact the moderators of the respective subreddit.

    If you piss someone off and they downvote all of your comments the score on the comment may become 0 or can be -ve. Karma is measured by how other redditors think about your contribution to the community.

    If you want to increase comment karma, you need to post comments that others think are witty or useful, and not posting things that are mean or seen as useless.

    Just remember these 3 words :- "Make Good Comments"

    For more detailed information about this you can take the help of these blogs too :-

  • Hello Harish,

    I hope you have read about the Reddit rules, if you have missed, please read it first before posting any thing,

    Also you can look find out on which subreddit you have received negative karma by clicking on the show karma breakdown by subreddit it is on the right side of user page i.e:

    one you got to know on which subreddit you got negative karma, just visit that subreddit and at bottom right of the page you can discuss with moderators of that community for more on this issue.

  • Thanks Sachin and Amrinder for your valuable inputs. You both are Holy saint to me.

    And after your suggestions, Amrinder -"Make Good Comments" like Karma Yoga in our life and the one from Sachin Moderator know and control all things like almighty Lord Krishna. I feel Reddit Karma is somehow related to Karma Yoga described in Bhagavad Gita.

    In Bhagavad-Gita concept, karma is a store of good and bad actions, accumulated over time, and it is this store of actions that binds one to phenomenal existence. Further the Lord( Subreddits Modraters) explains how such duties (Post/Comments/Votes) must be performed, what benefit is gained by performing them(Points)and what harm is caused by not performing or wrongly performing them(Negative or low Karma/Account Banned/).

    Fun apart, very nice suggestions, Hope this will help me. Thanks once again

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