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Help needed to read command line arguments in Nodejs

Hi, I am trying to accept input from the command line in Nodejs using process.argv in the code snippet, but currently getting an error when I run the following command on the terminal - node index.js "1 18" Error that I get - ...

model.FindById using MVC express js MongoDB pug is not working

model.FindById using MVC express js MongoDB pug is not working(no error is also showing/id wise data is not being retrieved), please guide me. exports.getViewownerdata = (req,res,next)=> { const OwnerId= req.body._id; const mow...

How to set all the build-in users as admin in loopback

There is a build in model Users which have alot of method now i am a user and i want to view all the users in the db but when i hit the url http://localhost:3000/api/Users it shows the authentication error 

How to Execute Multiple Insert Queries in NodeJs Application?

I am trying to perform an insert query, use the insertid of the row and then perform another insert query using the inert id. the first query is executing but the second query is not. please help. Below is my code: $("#addopdfrm").subm...

How to export value of a global variable in ejs fileto node module?

Hi .. I am a newbie to node.js . What I am trying to do is export value of a global variable in my ejs file , if the value is greater than 1 , insert data otherwise just display it . Now I can't find a way to use that value in my node mo...

How to Understand Semantics Bootstrap Package so as to Edit JS?

Having a hard time understanding this bootstrap package. I used NPM to install it. I've done everything in the doc file (which is pretty limited). I'm trying to use the search dropdown. I want to edit the JS because putting it in the HTML...

How to Do Deployment of Repository on Public Server in Node.Js App

Can any one tell me how to Deployment Repository / Scourse Code To a Server ... Like For Localhost:3000  We need to locate our Scourse Code Folder then  Run File on Powershell then Put Commend : nmp install Then after that w...

Any Pointers on How Can I Speed Up my Node.js Application?

Performance optimization I am planning to develop a new web application using Nodejs and I want it to make it  faster than usual in order to keep it ahead in the competitive fast web technology. So can anyone please suggest some possible ...
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