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Truncating Collection description text in Shopify

I am trying to add "Read more" and "Read less" buttons to collection descriptions for my Shopify store how can I add Html with liquid conditions? Currently, {{ collection.description }} is the only thing on collection.descrip...

How to Canvas HTML script Animate shapes

I have created a Canvas and I am working with HTML and inside the HTML script tags I have created shapes that I want to move to animate. I want to add an animation to my Canvas. I Want to animate the Triangle and the Hexagon so that they rotate a...

What are Different Ways to Input Only Numbers with HTML

I want to input only numbers in HTML or Javascript.   What are different ways for this? Thanks.

Why My Quiz Web App Not Displaying Result on Submit?

Every time I click the button to submit my answers the page refreshes and no grade is shown and I don't know why.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   My code is below: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <h...

Should I Go For Other Programming Language Than HTML for Registration Page Creation?

Is it right that you must use something else than HTML? To make a registration page?

What all the code in this link mean to make Social App?

Hey I wanna make my own social network so I just wonder if someone please can tell me what all the code in this link mean: view-source: except line 1 and 2

Different behavior of heading tag with section

If I'm write Heading tag (h1 and h2) in section or aside it shows same font size and if I put this outside of section or aside tag it works normal. Why? <h1>heading 1</h1> <h2>heading 2</h2> <h3>heading 3</h3...

What is HTML Local Storage?

What is HTML Local Storage Objects ? Local Storage is that method we can store data on user browser. Its work same as cookies. Cookies was use in old time means before html5 and Local Storage is much better then it because we can store more ...

Why does auto attribute not work vertically?

If I'm using margin: 0 auto it will work as horizontally margin auto and vertically 0px. Now question is if I'm using margin:auto why It is not working vertically. Note:- No need alternate option, just want a solid reason behind it :)

question for output for xml

hii, my question is if we work with html in notepad and save as .html extension . On opening that html file in browser the output is displayed but in XML file when we open the file in browser the same coding done in notepad appears.. why? ...

Fatal error in git terminal

Hello I'm using git and I just updated code on my get portal but everytime I'm trying to push the update from terminal this error message is showing:- fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git root@ongeza-li...

Quick definition question.

Hi, I am having trouble finding the technical term for this (see attachment), i have no idea what it called in english, it is basically a type of browser that popup on directly on the page, so when i click on an ad, instead of it opening new t...

Magento Mini cart problem

Hello, I have a question my Mini cart (ajax) doesn't work well. It doesn't update. The checkout cart works well. I'm using Magento 1.9 latest stable version. Does somebody knows the solution. Thanks in advance, Friendly regards...

Including video on web pages

Hello all I need some help regarding in HTML, the problem is that I want to include video lectures on my web page, I want to dynamically update the lectures in the web page which I add on the default folder for video lectures . can you please s...

Same class not working properly on different element

Hi all, I have a question about class performance, i use a class on two element first is an input type button and second is an anchor tag (a) both are looking different. Why it happens can anybody have any proper answer. Thank you in adv...
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