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Truncating Collection description text in Shopify

I am trying to add "Read more" and "Read less" buttons to collection descriptions for my Shopify store how can I add Html with liquid conditions? Currently, {{ collection.description }} is the only thing on collection.descrip...

How to Canvas HTML script Animate shapes

I have created a Canvas and I am working with HTML and inside the HTML script tags I have created shapes that I want to move to animate. I want to add an animation to my Canvas. I Want to animate the Triangle and the Hexagon so that they rotate a...

Why My Quiz Web App Not Displaying Result on Submit?

Every time I click the button to submit my answers the page refreshes and no grade is shown and I don't know why.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   My code is below: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <h...

What is HTML Local Storage?

What is HTML Local Storage Objects ? Local Storage is that method we can store data on user browser. Its work same as cookies. Cookies was use in old time means before html5 and Local Storage is much better then it because we can store more ...
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