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  • As Douglas Rushkoff has rightly said” As I see it, code literacy is a requirement for participation in a digital world”.

    Surely it will be an advantage for your Digital Marketing career. Suppose if your targeted audiences are Developers, Designers etc. your programming skills can be handy while communicating or interacting with them. Basic coding skills of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and a scripting language(like Bash, Python or Perl) you should learn because you will have to constantly deal with many code snippets, landing pages, html email templates, analytics tracking codes and many more. These coding skills will definitely help you in making small changes on your own or client's website without having to get a developer involved.
  • Since digital has become the mainstream in marketing strategies over the past few years, it’s good for digital marketers to learn to code. Coding is required in anything that is digital, like an app, website or social media analytics report. If you, as a digital marketer, know some basics of coding, you can help developers create a better product and have a better understanding of the issues they face. Therefore, you can offer you customers a product that truly delight them. Also, you can build your own tools to run online campaigns and automate processes.


    Being able to write and understand code rids the need of calling your web designer for every small issue. For example, you can fix small issues yourself like an image not resizing correctly or a YouTube video is not getting embedded due to its huge size. Besides, knowing how to code enhances collaboration between marketers and development team, thereby reducing the gap between expectation and reality. But here it doesn’t mean that a digital marketer needs to be a code fluent. There is no need to be as equally skilled as developers are, but knowing some coding certainly helps devise new and effective marketing strategies. If you want to know where to learn coding, an array of online courses are available, including, Code Academy, Code School and Dash.  

    I hope this quenches your curiosity
  • I believe learning coding will surely benefit your Digital Marketing Career. On a primary level, learning to code can assist you perceive the technology you're employed with. whereas creating use of the technologies on the market to you as a digital marketer could want enough, your competitive edge lies in your comprehension of however these technologies work. Grasping what’s even potential empowers you to search out inspiration severally, instead of simply gazing what others have done. Learning to code can offer you new opportunities to pursue innovative concepts.
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