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  • Hi, Anup

    If you are searching for best ways to make money then you need to choose a product related to your blog niche & affiliate program.

    Affiliate Marketing :

    Affiliate Marketing is a medium for online advertising that allow any business to connect themselves with a publisher. It allow publisher to make money by generating sales and traffic for business. Advertiser, Publisher and Consumer are 3 important aspects of affiliate marketing process.


    • An Advertiser define a person or a company owner who pays affiliates for sending traffic to their websites. It is also called Merchant. It also earns by selling thier products & services to customers.
    • A Publisher is a company or a individual that promotes advertiser’s product in exchange for earning money or commission by showing ads.
    • A Consumer is one who sees the ad and takes a action by clicking link it takes them from publisher’s website to advertiser’s website.

    Some Useful Affiliate Programs For Beginners such as :

    Cost Per Lead

    When a visitor complete its task on merchant’s site referred by publisher then merchant will pay per lead. This payment process is define as a Cost Per Lead.


    Cost Per Click

    When a visitor click on a advertiser banner or ad from publisher website then advertiser will pay to publisher as per click, This payment process define as Cost Per Click.

    Cost Per Sale

    When a visitor buy some product or services on advertiser's site which is referred by publisher then advertiser will pay the publisher according to per sale. This payment process define as Cost Per sale.

  • Hi Anup,

    Thanks for asking such an interesting question.

    Affiliate marketing is an online internet based system where you get paid by referring sales or customers to another business. 

    You’ll receive a commission, when the customer buys the product based on your recommendation.

    How Affiliate Marketing Works:-  

    In this process there are 3 people:-
     1. Merchant 
     2. Affiliate 
     3. Network  

    The affiliate shows the add of the merchant on their website. A new Customer/User comes to the add of the merchant & redirected to the merchant's website through the tracking link ,customer completes his/her shopping. The affiliate network records the purchase and detail of the transaction. Then the purchase is confirmed by the merchant as a valid sale. The transaction is credited to the referring affiliate & gets paid their commission. 

    Read the Details about it, here >> Affiliate Marketing Business - A Quick Guide

    Here are the basic Steps to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business:-

     1. Become an affiliate
     2. Marketing Products on your website
     3. Managing your Business

    Read the details about it, here>> How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business
  • Hi Anup,

    Affiliate Marketing is one the oldest marketing forms. When you refer a person to any online product/services and that person buys that product or services on your recommendation, you receive a commission, that's Affiliate Marketing.

    Four Major Parties That Involves Affiliate Marketing:

    1. Affiliate network

    2. Advertiser

    3. Affiliate

    4. Customer or consumer

    To start an Affiliate Marketing firstly you need to have your own website after that search niche affiliate program related to your website's product and services for example- If you have online selling website, then you can find those types of affiliate, which are related to your services or product. After that content need to be developed while building a mailing list and then marketing is needed for your website. You can also use different types of methods to generate traffic to your website and increase a chance to earn more profits with Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and other free tools.

  • Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn a commission by selling products or services offered by other companies.To work with Affiliate marketing Start a Website relevant to your product, Research Affiliate Program, it is like find an affiliate program that offers products or services just like Amazon,Also join that program. you need to marketing products on your website.Include visual ads in your sidebar, continue producing content relevant to your product, and lastly Use Analytics to measure your success.
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