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  • I would like to give a short and crisp answer to this good question. We all know how important RSS feeds are to deliver content to target audience on regular basis. So, here I am sharing a few online tools you can use to convert your web page to RSS feed. All these online tools offer easy steps to educate readers on converting their webpages to RSS feeds at utmost ease. I hope these tools help you find the answer to your question.
  • RSS Feeds:

    RSS means Real Simple Syndication. Website subscription in RSS solve the need of checking the content of the website manually. The browser monitors the site constantly and informs the update to the website user. RSS manage the content of website for the user who is interested in subscribing to the site’s feed.

    The RSS feed is used as a technical help to crawl and index the content a bit faster. So if a website is changing content quickly such as news website, blogs then the RSS feed really helps in fast working of things so we can pick up new URLs and crawl them faster.

    Role of RSS Feeds in SEO:

    RSS feeds are indexed by Google and other major search engines which can give a boost to SEO strategy. This means we can optimize them for search engines. If we create high quality RSS feeds then Google’s crawlers will more easily recognize the site’s new content and we can use those posts as content to your advantage through different linking opportunities.

    RSS feeds is a good way to improve the site’s SEO strategy and can bring good amount of traffic which is beneficial for online businesses.

    Some free services which can convert a webpage to RSS feed such as :



    You can create, market and track RSS feeds and host RSS Feed on your personalized start page. You can also Ping your feed to the major ping servers.


    It gives RSS feed & no sign up required. It is simple & easy to use. It requires manual updating of the feed. It can be use as bookmarklet button in the browser bookmark bar.



    It extracts data from webpages to create auto-updating RSS feeds. It can converts online news, articles, events, blogs, social media profiles & Web content into subscribable form. You can create feeds to follow content from various sources like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.



    It can create feeds by extracting text snippets from web pages. Whenever the feed is access, it will load the source page and build the up-to-date representation in RSS format.

  • Five best free service which can convert a webpage to RSS feed are:

    1. FeedYes:

    FeedYes helps to generate feeds for any website or specific page, you can syndicate those feeds and put the headlines on your own website.

    2. Feedity:

    Feedity is a free online tool that creates RSS feed for any webpage.

    3. Dapper:

    Dapper create Widgets that track the content of any website.

    4. FeedBeater:

    FeedBeater is the simplest interface, where one can plug the web site URL in, and let the website takeover the rest of the conversion.

    5. Feedmarklet:

    Feedmarklet gives you your own RSS feed instantly, with no sign up required, its simple and very easy to use, but it always need manual updating of the feed that you generate.

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