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  • Important Reddit Lingos

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    Reddit, which is the largest traffic source, may appear a little confusing to a new user. As Reddit has a very large community, there are some latest jargons evolving from time to time. So, I came up with Some most important lingo jargon on Reddit.






    Now, the question that must be popping up in your mind, What is a subreddit? Subreddit acts like a minded people’s forum, since they have similar interests. Like for funny content, a subreddit /r/funny/ exists.


    And for iPhone help, a subreddit /r/iphone is there.

    Each subreddit has:


    • Moderators who can remove or approve your post and also ban you from their subreddit.

    • Particular subreddit rules

    • Voting systems for links, self posts, and comments that depend on the subreddit theme

    TL;DR: Too Long; Didn't Read

    Nowadays nobody has time to read a bunch of pages on the internet, which is why images are so popular on the Internet. When TL;DR mainly used for large text post.


    Upvote is similar to a “like” on FB and Twitter . The content (Link or comment) with largest Upvote points will show or rank up on the page. Successful Upvote is usually shown in orange colored arrow in upward direction.




    It is inverse of Upvote. Downward arrow turns blue after you successfully downvote a content. Reason for downvote may be dislike or not in agreement with that content.



    Karma is the difference between total number of upvotes and the number of downvotes. If the number of downvotes exceeds the number of upvotes, then your karma score would be counted in negative. Karma can be categorised in two parts - Link Karma and comment karma.


    Link karma is obtained when someone upvotes or downvotes on your posted link. Comment karma, on the other hand, is obtained when someone upvotes or downvotes on your replies or comments. Text post doesn't have any karma.


    Karma Whore

    Karma whore is a Reddit user who submits fake content or reposts links to only grow their karma points.


    Cross post or x-post are the links that have already been posted on one subreddit and a user has again posted them on some other subreddit.


    A cakeday may be a reddit user’s birthday, or the day their account was created.



    A user who views content on reddit, but does not post content or gets involved in a conversation via comments, replies, etc.



    A troll is person who wants to enjoy benefits of anonymity for some purpose, best known to him only.  Like one can easily make negative comments on a celebrity with the power of the Internet anonymity.


    OP: Original Poster

    OP is mainly interesting content. The OP is initiator of thread.


    ITT: In This Thread

    ITT is known as a conversation or trends in the thread, whether link post or comment or any other content.

    NSFL: Not Safe/Suitable For Life

    There is a type of content warning.

    Any type of disturbing content, like horror, violence, offensive to people or community and which is not suitable for life, comes under this category.

    Source: Mashable


    Apart from this you can check my other blog post on some popular topic related to Reddit.


    I hope this blog has offered you deep insight into Reddit lingos and has added to your social media knowledge. If you have any additional inputs to add on the topic, please share them in the comment box below. You can also send me a PM (personal message) or Tweet me at @iHarishPal.

    Important Reddit Lingos

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