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Item Add To cart

Hi, Can anyone help me for "item add to cart" in my project using php, javascript or ajax.

PHP Objects

I am looking for a good approach to this problem. I wish to build a PHP/MySQL app that maintains configurations in MySQL.  Specifically, there will be projects that each contain a different web screen that includes a backgr...

Update Password

HI Can someone please take a look at my update password file? It won't report any errors and won't make change on database. The file connects with database but falls over somewhere.   Thanks

tracking system

hello, how do i find location on map by entering user id number in a text box on a web page and pull information from mysql database with corresponding coordinates in the table and is instantly displayed on a map on that page.

How to display result of php file in an html file

I need help please. I create html file with 2 tabs. The first tab contains form that takes user input and submit it to php file. I want the result of the php file to be displayed in the second tab. HTML file:   <ul class="nav">...


I am trying to print this sample report in pdf so far this is what I have 1st Problem: the report should have another 2 cell (Ave and %) below the criteria which are (Exam, Progress Report, Quiz, Project) 2nd Problem: The records u...

Register form won't connect

Can some one please help with a register form for a website? I can't get it to load information to database. prepare($query); $statement->bind_param('ssssissiisss', $firstname, $lastname, $streetAddress, $suburb, $postcode, $state, ...

uploading file

when i execute this file.php only it will upload, when i run in Mainlayout.php its not uploading. Below file is File.php, its to upload csv file.. Canone help me plzzzzzzzz   <form name="import" method="post" enctype="multipart/fo...

how to get questions with jquery,ajax,php

have a quiz script. My script contains quiz.js, getquestions.php, insertresults.php. In quiz.js: var i = 1; var sec = 20; var timetaken = 0; var answer; var points; var result = .5; var score = 0; var f = new Date(); var duration; var...

I'm getting import CSV error while uploading files in php

Hi i'm developing the panel where admin can import the csv file directly to mysql database. But I'm getting the error. My code is <?php //ENTER THE RELEVANT INFO BELOW $mysqlDatabaseName ='bilmos'; $mysqlUserName ='root'; $mysqlPasswor...

how can I use php to display question

how can I use php to display question stored in mysql database and choose the right answer for it and give grade if the answer is right and store it back in mysql database (sorry I don't speak English very well )

Getting error for using the session variables used in PHP

<?php session_start(); include_once('config.php'); $user=htmlentities(stripslashes($_POST['username'])); $password=htmlentities(stripslashes($_POST['password'])); // Some query processing on database if(($id_user_fetched<=$id_...

Integreriting solarium in cakephp2.4

I have problem with start Solarium Client, I downloaded it by Composer. I install it in Vendor When i want getting document from solr i have to creet a Client instance $client = new Solarium\Client($config); I Get this ERROR Error: Class '...

I want to convert the query php code into the Prepare statement php code

Here is my query code, How can write same code in the prepare statement php. <?php header('Content-type : bitmap; charset=utf-8'); if($&#95;SERVER['REQUEST&#95;METHOD']=='POST'){ $encoded&#95;string = $&#...

how to stick posts to their respective posts in php&mysql

Guys im trying to join a comments table to posts table using the following query in a method. public function feedView($session,$friend,$updateid) { $sql2=" select u.update&#95;body,,u.time,u.title,u.account&#95;na...

Wordpress plugin interfere with the template in wordpress

Hello, I have a problem my plugin which I build it changes the style of my template. I would like to know how to avoid a problem like this. My plugin should take the main style of the template and not modify it. Please take a look on my att...

Shipping rate getting changed after few seconds in oye checkout magento 1.9.1

Hello All, I have used magento1.9.1 and oye checkout extension, Now I am facing this following issue from staring, I am not able to understand anything here. If my billing address and shipping address is same If my billing and shipping address...

query roll back

hey ci experts can you help me plz where im making mistake.... my query is not roll backed although im setting the first parameter in the $this->db->trans_start(TRUE); as TRUE the queries are only rollback when i remove the $this->db-...

I'm using the PHP curl and how can i make request by HTTP authentication?

Using PHP and using the curl as service I'm working on a REST website So, How can i make request by HTTP authentication? I need to know can i use the library functions ? I they exists for this way Please comment your answers.

How to write PHP code to select specific column and display rows respectfully??

I have wrote code for sqlite to select specific columns and display rows .. id condition lat long 1 Good 0.0 0.0 2 Poor 0.0 0.0 3 Good 0.0 0.0 When I select Good, It should display my lat & l...

Php WP how to send a mail to the admin from a logged user

Hello, I would like to know if in WP PHP is possible to make something like that: I need for the logged user a form which when compiled and submitted, send a mail to the admin with the all data of the user from db and the message he/she write. ...

cakephp 3 not able to save data

any cakephp 3 developer here? i am getting this error. my code is given in pic. i m inserting data into status table from users controller. how my controller will know abt status table in cakephp 3. help pls. Error: Call to a member function ...

how to access localhost with Ip from any where

guy's is anybody having Idea about how to access xampp with IP address not from lan from anywhere...? like with public IP I'm stuck with changing of the Apache config files also but no use...! Any help Plz...

Magento Pages

Hello Friends, Is there any link where i can find all magento pages. For example Login page, Create Account page etc. Thanks in advance.

Wordpress Savoy e-commerse theme enable/disable button

Hello, I'm working on a E-commerce project with the Savoy theme in WP. I add a custom button in the simple.php file. This button has to be enable only if the user is logged in. Due the fact I'm not an expert of such thing can someone explai...


hello, can somebody help me, how to add arrow left and right to this product view? do i need to use extension? if so, what extension do i need to use? or do i need to add hard code ? please help me, thanks in advance

In Wordpress, How user can fill pdf forms online and after that do online signature and send?

Hi In Wordpress, How user can fill pdf forms online and after that do online signature and send? Thanks in Advance.

query regarding PHP

HI I got a reference of this forum from one of my friend .. i am new to PHP and i have made a clender in PHP and now i wanna display birthdays in the calender by changing th edate color and on tooltip wanna display name of student(s) of having...

Classes and Objects

I have a sample I learn of javascript creating objects. Could anyone convert this javascript code for PHP? Because I'm already studying PHP syntax for creating objects but I need get this better. check *.txt file

Is there anyone who is expert in MasterCard Integration??

I have downloaded the Mastercard SDK for PHP but it's my first time to Mastercard Integration , I am confused about the Config.ini file gasp emoticon , how I change these values given in the picture

Project Details

Hi mates! Actually i am working on woo-commerce site and i want build site like so suggest me how should i build that site? should i build in wordpress or yii-framework? if wordpress then which theme or plugin is bett...

My code Not Working On Hosting Server

Hi, My code working in my locahost wamp server. But if I uploaded it to my hosting server it's not working. Please give solution. Or reason for this problem. Thanks Here is my code : <?php session&#95;start(); if(!isset($&#9...

in php for user login from facebook

i want the code in php for user login from facebook

send an event calender request through gmail in php

i wantt to send an event calender request through gmail in php...please help me in this....

multiple video play

Hello, i want to select the video from database fetch it and wanna play in loop all videos one after the other in a single player in html 5/ php . plzz help >>>>

Product Advertising API Error

Hi mates! I am trying to create Product Advertising API then in last step it showing "We're sorry! There was an error processing your changes. Please try again." I am trying since a day but its not working. plz help me guys...

Edit Exisiting pdf using fpdi

Im using FPDI library for writing existing pdf file but my code is writing only 1 page ..why? please require_once '../includes/fpdf/fpdf.php'; require_once '../includes/fpdf/fpdi.php'; $pdf = new FPDI(); $pageCount = $pdf->setSour...

Website Problem

Hi mates! actually I am working on woo-commerce site but i want to display product of other sites like amazon and want to earn money. is some one have any idea, how should i build that site??

SMS Gateway

Hi gays please tell me is there any free SMS API Gateway? If you know a free gateway then please suggest me.

failed to upload image, try again later - Wordpress

When i try to upload an image to a post or a product in my webshop (with woocommerce plugin) i constantly get this error: 'failed to upload image, try again later.' . Does anybody know how to fix this ? Thanks a lot. I already tried increasing...

Development Strategy

Hello...i am a newbie here. First of all I am a designer and I learning my way into web development. Now I got a project to design and develop a dynamic website. [b]Project Description:[/b] A site where users can post and publish content rel...

want to generate 5 digit serial number in php

I want to generate 5 digit sequential serial number . For example: starting serial number must be 00000 then next will be 00001, 00002............. 00011 like this .

how to consume webservice from php client

i want to fetch data from webservice from php client. WHile doing that i got an error. 'faultstring' => string 'Server was unable to process request. ---> Input string was not in a correct format.' (length=84). I am using SOAP

SSL authentication login Script in CakePHP2.3

( https) SSL authentication login Script in CakePHP2.3 Linux server , but its working fine in normal http format could you pls help me to resolve this issue ,

get_magic_quotes_gpc() function is deprecated, please help

Hi everybody, i am a newbie php programmer. get_magic_quotes_gpc() function is deprecated; Is there any function or way to create backslahes to prevent sql injection? any tips and advises will help. thanks /=======THIS IS THE FUNCTION...

How to set crone for scheduling Push notifications?

hello I want to send automatic server notifications (push) on every Sunday. Also is there any way how to activate the new links activate only after 24 hrs.

Php problem

am creating login page,when am login how to redirect the particular login user page

Fetch Outlook contacts using PHP imap

Is there any way to get Outlook contacts using PHP imap functions? I need urgent help please

Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using Phone gap or Sencha

How to implement Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using Phone gap or Sencha Using Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using phone gap or sencha?

How to customize the table output of pdf files generated using jspdf?

I have a requirement where i need to customize the table column width of pdf file. This pdf file is generating using jspdf (a jquery plugin).
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