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  • Hi,
    One effective strategy is guerrilla marketing. This innovative, scrappy, and highly effective marketing strategy helps to level the playing field. Every small business can harness the power of a great guerrilla marketing campaign to capture attention and generate sales.
  • Hey Anjali, Thanks for asking question on Guerrilla Marketing

    What is Guerrilla Marketing?

    The creative, low budget (Sometimes free) and innovative technique of marketing are falls into the category of Guerrilla Marketing. In Guerrilla Marketing our primary focus to obtaining a maximum  exposure to our services/brand/Product.

    Some tips on the successful execution of the guerrilla marketing:

    • Know the mindset of your targeted customers
    • Wisely use the free social media platform
    • Avoid large competition
    • Be open-minded while developing plan for marketing
    • Reverse engineer- Trackback effect of your act while marketing
    • Partner with other like-minded organization
    If you have any further queries, do message me. Twitter / LinkedIn  
  • Current Events also plays a very important role in Content Marketing Business. The Content which reflects current events always give large variety of customers an advertising experience which is related to them which helps in engaging the customer more actively. But when it comes to market an event and the budget is looking very low, it doesn't means that your event cannot get the spotlight which it deserves. 

    It just means that you have to be little creative while marketing and here are the top 20 ways to make your exposure possible with minimum expenditure.

  • There are two sides to every coin, same for Guerrilla marketing, it has some advantages and disadvantages. Make your decision wisely while choosing and to move forward with a campaign. There are some points that every one should focus while starting the Guerrilla marketing campaign.

    1. Focus On The Audience 

    2. Ensure You Have A Call-To-Action 

    3. Focus On Smaller Groups 

    4. Have Concise Messaging And Media Amplification 

    5. Research 

    6. Entertain, Startle And Surprise 

    7. Don’t Be A Copycat 

    8. Don’t Focus On Going Viral
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