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  • Some basic adsence renunciation reasons that each one should keep in mind while prior get into Adsence details:


    Google gives a lot of value and attention to the content of the blog before accepting it. Google creates his own algorithms just to check the content. Your content should be unique and informative so that google will accept it. So, its quite simple that before implementing Adsence you must check your content for duplicacy and quality.


    Design your blog wisely, so that your user will spend time on it and learn from it. If your blog is not designed well and user keep going away from your blog without spendng much time, your bounce rate will increase and gets rejected by Google adsence.


    If you want to get approved by Google Adsence your blog must have ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘About us’ and ‘Contact Us’ page. These pages adds some professional look and looks like that you are working with the Google parameters.


    Try to authenticate your name and email address, mention your name and email address in such place that was quite easily accessible like in 'About Us' or in 'Contact Us' page. This will speed up your approval.


    One more important thing is that, before applying to the Google Adsence you should maintain a minimum number of posts. And YES all should be the unique and having quality content, nice and informative.


    Just check these below mentioned points which each one should follow before and after the Google Adsence approval:


    • Easy to Understand & Clean Design

    • Simple to navigate blog

    • Unique niche & Informative

    • Provide Complete Information

    • Remove “unnecessary” widgets

    • Properly Placed Menus

    • Footer and Sidebar Should Be Clean

    • Search Engine Friendly

    • Fast loading Time


    So, getting an AdSense approval is not that hard if you follow some basic rules and precautions like create quality content which is well optimised for search engines, great design with good number of visitors.


    Just make sure to do these things while trying for Google AdSense.


    Best Of Luck!!!

  • It seems that the website is lacking behind the minimum eligibility criteria defined by Google. If you still want that site to be approved for Google Adsense then you need to follow these points:
    1. Your blog should have high quality content.
    2. The blogging frequency need to be sufficient.
    3. Optimize site for search engine with appropriate Meta details.
    4. Have a user friendly design with easy navigation structure for end users.
    5. Make sure your blog must be 6 month older.
    6. Only apply using root domain to Adsense service.
    7. Never include prohibited content like porn, hacking, copyrighted, alcohol, drugs, violence, etc.
    8. Bring right and highly genuine traffic to your blog. If you are getting paid traffic, automated traffic or getting un-realistic traffic from only one specific location or source then you will never get approval.
    9. If you run other Ad network too on your blog then remove that immediately.
    10. You should have a about, contact and privacy policy page, so that Google treat it as genuine source for end users.

    Hope these 10 point help you to get Google AdSense approval next time. Looking for more tips and suggestions below. To share & learn more knowledge on Digital Marketing, connect me on QuoraTwitter and LinkedIn
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