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Android Runtime Exception Error

hello, i have faced problem in it.   This is my logcat: 04-13 18:04:54.694 2407-2407/? I/art: Not late-enabling -Xcheck:jni (already on) 04-13 18:04:54.694 2407-2407/? W/art: Unexpected CPU variant for X86 using defaults: x86 0...

Json textview to Json viewlist

public class ExistingCSheet extends AppCompatActivity { private TextView listing; String[] items; ListView lv; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanc...

Android Application Stop Responding After Splash Screen

Recently I am trying to create an android app which is having a splash screen going into a blank screen. But the application is not functioning well and stop responding just after the splash screen when I am trying to load the next ...

Applications on SD card moving back to Phone

Hi, I am using Yuphoria 5010 and Lenovo Vibe K5 smart phones running stock Android 5.1.1. Both the phones are installed with 16 GB Class 10 memory cards.   I moved many applications to the SD card. Now, whenever these apps are updat...

How to get the individual texts from edittexts in a loop

Please i have a for loop which creates edittext according to what the user types in. It displays the edittexts in a linearlayout.  What i want to do is to get each of the texts from the edittexts and store it in an arraylist  This is t...

Android app doesn't read string as supposed to

I create educational app and make it available in Play Store. All text content (strings) are based only in Cyrillic. Application doesn't have any type of settings (so, there is no option to change language), options or SQLite bases. Also, app...

MRI based android app related query

Hey I'm working on MRI based android app.I don't know how to fetch MRI images and use them in my app. I'm searching for it. Kindly help me out.

Network provider and GPS provider working together, need to separate the both based on available providers

I am trying to develop an android application that gets the device latitude and longitude using GPS or Network providers, whichever is available for the process. The code works perfectly fine when the device's GPS is on but unfortunately it n...

Please Recommend Android Apps & Game Apps Tutorials For Beginners

I would like to learn Android Apps and Android Games Apps development. Only latest version of the compiler as of Jan 2017.  I have a couple of questions regarding this, please help me with these queries. Q1. What are your top best Android...

changes in Web UI should reflect in android App

The changes that i do in Web UI, say if i add a tab in Web UI, then that tab should appear in android app dynamically.   Is there a way i can achieve this ?? Is there a way to get information about UI components from server a...

Nullpointer exception crash when I click the intent, Don't know what to do??

I'm trying to make an android app but I encoutered this error and I don't know what to do and why is it showing from the first place, the app crashes with the following error in the log:     E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCE...

How can i arrive at the my expected output in my android project?

Hello friends how can i arrive at my expected output in my android project? Currently, I am getting all the output values such as brand,model,type,variant as integers instead of text. Actually i need my result as  RegNo: TN10D5551 B...

I cant use 4gsim in LG flex 2 LS996

hi, please help me i am not able to use 4g sim in my LG LS996 3g sim are working my phone is fully supported 4g sim but why i don't know this happens the phone is in india now its also unable to enter APN its shows only VPN 

ListView is not getting displayed on selecting an item from spinner. What to do?

I am creating two spinners: One for City and the other for Area in that particular city. As per the selection made by the user in the above spinners, a ListView will be displayed which will be different for different combinations of selections ma...

What's the best resource and format for notification sounds in an app?

Hi all, I am working on notification sound in android can anyone suggest me the best resource and format for the same.

What are some good Play Store alternatives to submit my App to?

Hello everyone, I want to know about some good alternatives where I can publish my app. I know about getjar and appbrain but I am interested in finding more.   Thanks in Advance

Android Help

Hello Friends,I m developing an android app based on Gym Management System Well I have complete the CURD part coding now I only want attendance and fees remainder coding section please Help me out guys or guide me 

How to share image with text on Facebook using intent filter in Android..?

Hello, I want to share the image and text on facebook using intent filter not with facebook sdk. Is there any way to do this..? Thanks in advance  

What are some of the best hybrid apps and what level of programming experience is needed to build one?

I've heard that a hybrid app is built with a combination of web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript and it can easily access hardware capabilities of the mobile device. Please enlighten me with some examples of the best hybrid apps ...

Countdown timer in listview android

How to add the countdown timer in the custom listview..?

Button not showing in android app

Hello I have created six buttons in an app in android studio inside the Relative Layout. The buttons show OK in the preview mode of android studio but they second last one does not show when I install my app to test on a phone or an emulator. Wha...

Has anybody used Google Song Recognition for their App?

 I'm working on an App which recognizes a song and draws similar song recommendations from Echo Nest. I want to know if Google Song Recognition is any good and how easy/hard it is to implement.

how to measure for whole head in opencv on android

  I need assistance in measuring the circumferene of a human head. And also the diagonal distance between two points depicted by the beads on the head.I just want a starting point to build an application on an ...

Need Help for Turning Page Effect like Google Play Books

Hi Android Developers,   I am a Android Developer ,  i was trying to develop  Turning Page Effect for sliding my views for few days but not able to do it , can any one help me out in it . for your reference here ...

I failed to customize array adapter

Problem facing in customization of array adapter I am want to 1) fetch data from a SQL server 2008 2) display fetched data into a list view. After successfully I tried to display data with a listview, I fetched two column data that&...

What can you do if your app content rating is overridden for a particular country?

In developer console it showing me "Your app has been refused classification by Google Play in South Korea". It means my app is "unrated" and is blocked in certain countries or for specific list of users. What should i do t...

ImgView should change Background by clicking Img Button

hello i have 1 img view and 3 imgbutton i want to set the img view background as same as img button click means imgbutton 1 click the image view should get img button1 background

Earning Benefits with Admob used in application?

How much can I expect to earn with Admob Interstitials, Banners, Medium Rectangle Ads with 400 daily users spending 20 minutes each on my App? What should be the frequency to show each type of Ad?

Videoplayer widget libraries on Github that you have used?

Hello!!! I have found a problem to create the required video player. Anyone please suggest any nice video player widget library on github that you have used. Please help!!!

What are some must have Util classes so I don't have to reinvent the wheel everytime?

Just wanted  to know that What are the important util classes or the functions I need to put in the util classes, that can optimise my code as well as save time.

How to delete sms in system database

I'm working on a project in which all incoming from one service center (may have multiple hotlines). All messages will display in my app. User can swipe to delete each message or multi-select messages to delete. I can't delete th...

How to detect object on image or camera on android?

Find object/marker also give distance from camera to  using android and OpenCV Image 1:   Image 2:

I can get Internet Connection, However I cannot download APK File (Kitkat and Lollipop)

I have problem related on internet connection in Android x-86 version 5.1 (Lollipop) and version 4.4 (Kitkat). I run that android emulators on VM-ware. I used bridged connection. I use android-x86-4.4-r5.iso for Kitkat and android-x86-5.1-rc.i...

Guest Account in Remix OS cannot Get Internet Connection

I use my administrator account, I can access internet both my android applications and web browser (Chrome). But when I change to be a guest account in Remix OS, I cannot get any internet connectivity. I installed Remix OS on VM-ware.&nbs...

How to display openweather map data separately in Android?

I am using API for displaying current weather for a place user type. My application displayed it However, it is not flexible as it is displaying all different details such as weather description, latitude, longitude, Wind Speed...

Hiding or encrypting asset folder in Android

How do I hide or encrypt the assets folder of my Application to protect my resources?

Android 3D view

Anyone know how to rotate any image like car in 3D view on touch gesture?

Android - Information leakage flaw OutputStream

I have developed an application in the Cordova Framework, and I have added a camera plugin for capture functionality. I am getting an Information Leakage flaw in the code below i think i need to initialize , using veracode to scan APK. Do i ne...

How to Resolve "Camera Can't Connect" Error in Android

Hi,   I am having an android mobile Canvas Turbo A250 model, 16 GB ROM, 2 GB RAM. When I'm trying to use its camera, then the application is not running and two error messages are displaying one after another "Gallery Has...

Bootable Android

Hi Why cant Android be a Bootable like Linux and Windows? Wouldnt that be better than the current model? Then OEMs just have to make drivers Speaking as a guy who has been left behind coz my Phone Maker does not care about my phone he ha...

uploading to amazon s3 from android app

// Initialize the Amazon Cognito credentials provider CognitoCachingCredentialsProvider credentialsProvider = new CognitoCachingCredentialsProvider( getApplicationContext(), "us-west-2:45af92a8-2a30-4540-bbd6-a7ec68b9fcd...

Problem in Google map rotation in Android

I am facing an issue right now I am developing an Android app similar to Uber or lyft but the problem that I am facing is the car is moving on the map smoothly but sometimes it is revolving at 360 degree at one position, I need to stop that pleas...

How to create an android APP which displays list of videos and Play that videos in the same window?

Hi, I want to create Android APP, which displays the list of videos of the SDcard on the half side of the screen, and the remaining half side should display the video of which I have selected from the list of videos.

google map lite mode in mapview is not working with marshmallow

=> I'm using following MapView in my layout:-     ------------------------------------------------------------ < android:id="@+id/map" class="

Best way to listen to the incoming chat messages without having to constantly query the DB?

I don't want that App should constantly hit the database to check for incoming messages. Any predefined library for a framework to solve the problem?

RecycleView misbehaving! "notifyItemRangeInserted(int positionStart, int itemCount)" method taking too long to add it...

RecyclerView is not behaving properly when added as child of a NestedScollView (New Items added to RecyclerView taking more than 2 mins to reflect)   RecyclerView is not behaving properly when added as child of a NestedScollView PRO...

Android Instant Apps

What are Android Instant Apps and how will they be different from existing Apps on Play Store or from a Cloud-based App for that matter?

how to increase the size of icon inside floating action button ?

how to increase the size of icon inside floating action button ????????  I'm trying to put plus icon inside floating action button. I have tried with 48dp, 72dp, 96dp icons, but still the icon is looking too small.

Android background service launches itself after closing UI

There is a requirement to start the background service from the another application where the current services are only installed and not in running state. So I started the service from the another application by using the below code in MainActiv...

best practices to make API calls to the server

Are there any best practices to make API calls to the server as few as possible without complicating and lengthening my code? How many calls per App screen should I take as a rule of thumb?
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