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Uploading captured image into the specific folder server using volley library

This is one of the famous question which is unanswered clearly. I have posted it on stackoverflow link as follow: I wa...

Google Map showing only one marker

Hi, I am using Google Map in my app. I have added treeid, and its lat and lng location. I want to retreive these location and show in google marker using volley library. But I am able to get only one marker location.Please help me where I a...

Please help to design the layout with attached image in Android

Please help in design the layout with attached image. please find the attached screen shot for reference Suggest whether we go with grid layout or Relative layout . Please provide the respective xml layout. If you suggest grid layout could ...

how to access restful webservice using volley library

I have created a restful web service using this tutorial after running this i got an auto generated java file which contains the following code public class RestAPI { private fin...

Blur Image View

Hi, How to blur an Imageview and am already tried it using RenderScript, am new to android can anyone tell me for what this library(renderscript v-8) use ?

android google map is showing only one marker using volley library

I am using Google Map inside the "Fragment" using sqlite database connection through volley library. I have 4 location, but my map is showing only one marker. I don't know where exactly getting wrong. Where do I need to change in my code to...

Convert SASS Application to Android App

I have a SASS Application built on Rub on Rails [ Responsive Design]. Is there any way I can convert App to Android application and use it Regards Surya

adb shell command to toggle google location reporting

Hi Android Nerds, I'm looking for a solution to enable high accuracy GPS without any prompt so and it will also enable google location reporting is there any way to do this by android terminal or using adb shell on windows ?

Please help to design the UI

I would like to design the UI as attached images. Please find the attached files and please give your valuable inputs.

errror come on run time to connect my android app with mysql

my code this AllProductsActivity Class public class AllProductsActivity extends ListActivity { // Progress Dialog private ProgressDialog pDialog; // Creating JSON Parser object JSONParser jParser = new JSONParser(); ArrayList<H...

How can we prepare JSON Array by using List View in Android

I would like to prepare the JSON array by using the list view. Prepared the CustomListView and adapted the data and performing onClikclistener() to give input and set the data. Now trying to use data in list adapter with some custom data to pre...

Populating listview with various custom objects in separate sections

I have 3 array list which gets data from various model classes.. I want to display these 3 in a single listview with separate headers. How can I achieve this? Can anyone help me?

Android How to upload image into the server using Volley library

I want to upload my captured images from camera to my server using the volley library. I want where I am getting wrong and suggest me full code solution. I have tried to write the code, But its not working. I am getti...


Failed to list records in dataset. Getting this error when I am using cognate sync manager.Any ideas?

Android Studio Configuration

Hello, I have a question regarding the OnePlusOne phone in Android studio. I would like to know if exist the possibility to importing the hardware profile of this phone or to configure it. I just would like to see the design view of my devic...

How to start debugging on a specific frame while debugging an android app using android studio?

I am using android studio. While debugging my app I want to jump to the specific frame and start debugging from that frame, skipping the other frames in the frames tab. I want to see the frames that are only related to my android application a...

How to implement the different views dynamically and handle input data and set the data

I would like to add different kinds of dynamic views like textview, edittext, datepicker etc to already existed layout. With this existed layout have some static views which are mandatory. this dynamic views have to add based on API response co...

AVD launching error

Hi Sir, I have just started to learn Android from the video series of "Android Apps Development Tutorial for Beginners (1) - 2015" but i am getting problem in launching AVD. In the vedio series when they are launching AVD then "Bucky Phone" AVD...

AWS Cognito account issue

Urgent Help....I have AWS cognito account but its not letting me create roles User: arn:aws:sts::241018845783:assumed-role/MY_ACCOUNT is not authorized to perform: iam:CreateRole on resource: arn:aws:iam::241018845783:role/Rolename..has anyone en...

Three level ExpandableListView with OnChildClickListener working

I want tocreate the layout just like this but i dont know how to create onChildClickListener so any programmer here please help me in creating this layout with OnChildClcikListener event.


Sir i want to use OnChildClickListener in my class which is extended to the ExpandableListView please help me out. My code is as follow. public class CustExpListview extends ExpandableListView implements ExpandableListView.OnChildClickListe...

I need to go to the on navigation drawer activity on button click .

like in tent how to switch between fragment in navigation drawer .

How To Select Multiple images in android

Hello, How To Select Multiple images in android. kindly give me idea so i could implement it. Regards, Tarun

How to Parse and read the JSON Array using GSON library

How to parse the below type of API Response [ { "id": "xxxxxx", "displayLabel": "xxxxxxx", "name": "xxxxxxx", "fieldType": "Dropdown", "mandatory": false, "editable": true, "description": "xxxxxx", ...

Is Google GMS certification & Licensing required for Streaming Dongles ?

Can anyone please let me know if it is mandatory to get a GMS license from Google in case someone wishes to embed the Google Play Store & Youtube apk in thier Android dongle when it is shipped ? As per my understanding this is required for ...

Share Intent

Hi , please help me to solve Android share content intent problem I want to share a Text and link to users like if user select Facebook should share only link(as facebook only accept link from native android share), if user select other app like...

API issue

I have secured Rest webservice but whenever i hit that webservice it will respond No peer certificate exception like this. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

How to add different kind of widgets based on array size to existing layout

How to add different kind of widgets based on array size to existing layout (IN existing layout have some static widgets). MY Requirement is based on API response in the JSON array they will define the type (wheter it is check box, dropdown, e...

Editing An App !!!

My query relates to the editing already commercial app in market !!! If i want to remove some features from the already compiled app in market .is it possible to do so and if yes Please Help me how to do so !!!

Help me Inserting Alarm and Notification

please help me inserting alarm and notofication for my uploaded file to be presented tommorrow for my defense pls :(

suggestions for my android app

hello guys, i m creating an android activity in which i want to scroll a group of images(any number) on the click of a manual button.Kindly suggest me any useful libraries in this regard.

Copying Text from Listview

hi how to copy text from listview.

How to configure Android WebView to encrypt cookies?

This has been raised as a security concern blocking the release of my Cordova application on Android 4.4 KitKat Using a SQLIte browser on a rooted device, the application session id cookie is being written in plain text into a SQLite table nam...

Zoomable List view

How to increase font sizes of list view items containing more than one textviews. on pinch - zoom gesture android? There is nothing such list view found on internet

Include GIF in Android Game.

Hello guys,does anyone know how to include gifs in an Android Game? Thank you!

Android + php + mySQL

Hi I am learning android application development. I have signup form and I want to connect that to my MySQL database using php. But in the API above 22 the methods are changed and I don't have any solution. Can anyone help me with php scripts an...

Replacing images with text when a radio button is clicked.

I am a newbie developer to android. I am trying to develop an application as a test run it is a Q and A app. Can anyone help me with the following problem. The pages have 2 radio buttons in a radio group, the center of the page has an image...

issues in setting up android Development environment

I'm having issue in setting up dev environment for android in windows 7. Using eclipse to do the setup. Tried the Android Studio but even that has issues in setup. Any help or any document that will let me know how to install and setup ADE wou...

Touch event

Hello, I have a doubt regarding Touch Event. Say I need to write something like my name "Sangita" with just single tap on the keypad. In short I need to automate the whole process in one touch that would otherwise take 7 touches. The first touch...

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy ) Android

Has anybody here worked on BLE (bluetooth low energy) ?How is it done in android and how it can be implemented? I want to implement it.Sharing any suggestions, advices, experiences, etc for working on BLE messaging system would be appreciated.

List Facebook videos android

Hello..... Could anyone suggest solution for this question? -> I want list of all my Facebook profile videos that I can see on my profile even of other friends who have tagged me on their videos. How can I do it?Please help...

Socket Exception in android

When I run this method I get an error of socket Exception. (Permission denied) i.e, socket failed: Can you please me to find its solution. public void run() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub URL u...

Problem of EditText font on password mode.

As I use EditText as default password mode I face a problem that text font(password mode) is diffrent then text font(text mode). I havent found any solution. Can you solve it?

NetworkOnMainThread Exception

I am trying to call getBitmapFromURL() methos from onCreate() of my Activity and getting NetworkOnMainThread Exception. Please help me to solve this problem. public static Bitmap getBitmapFromURL(String src) { try { ...

Getting Out of memory exception in loading images from database

When I am loading 20+ images in listview from database I am getting Out of memory exception. I have already resized bitmap and using scaling properly in my bitmap, but still I am getting this issue when loading more images in listview, facing...


Plz help me to write code for slide menu and webview fragment using android studio

ORM GreenDao vs ORMLite

Which ORM is better is terms of performance and ease of use between these two. In some benchmarks I have read ORMLite is faster and in some, I read GreenDao. I like the way automatic code generation works in GreenDao. Also it does not use any ann...

Payment page in my app

Hi I am designing an android page which consists of payment gateway. I would like to implement payment in 2 ways.. Either by manually enter the card details or just scan the card with the help Of camera.. How would I do this if I scan ca...

How to identify the network usage of your particular application in android?

Hello Tech Nerds, I have created an app for Android devices and now I am looking to find out, how much Network usages is this app utilizing. or we can say that, how to identify the network usage of your particular application in android? Pl...
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