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NSPredicate in iOS

NSPredicate is a query language. It provides a natural language interface to define logical conditions. While working with large data sets, sometimes it is essential to filter the data. So, the filtering and sorting of data can be done with NSPre...

Collapsable UITableView header in Swift

To collapse table header in swift -> 1. Make a property of NSMutableSet, name it "collapsedSections", this property will be use to check Collapsed section in the UItableViewCell.   var collapsedSections:NSMutableSet =...

Load custom cell(Xib) in UITableView in swift

hello friends, if you would like to Load custom cell(Xib) in UITableView in swift ,you may use the following code -> func tableView(tableView: UITableView, numberOfRowsInSection section: Int) -> Int { return array.count; //...

UISearchBar with TableView in iOS

How to use UISearchBar with TableView in iOS If we have a huge list of items and want to search a item from the list then we use the UISearchBar with TableView and the item will be displayed in the table which have the matching value with the ...

UITableView extra spacing(padding) on the top in IOS7

When using xcode4.5 or 4.6(i.e ios6) UITableView added to xib files appears as it is. But when it comes to IOS7(i.e When you are using xcode5) along with adding the UITableView to xib you also need to add a small code which will remove that paddi...
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