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Adding Toolbar above keyboard

Hello Readers, To add a toolbar above the keyboard we may use the following code snippet. We will create a toolbar with the needed items and set as the input accessory View of the keyboard. In the below code we have added a done button on t...

How to move UITextField when keyboard shows ?

When we are entering text in a textField and that textField is at bottom of the screen then we need that the textField should appear above the keyboard and the keyboard should not hide the textField.. For that we need to set the height of keyboar...

Add Input Accessory View above UIKeyBoard in iOS

If you come across a requirement where you want to add a custom view just above the UIKeyBoard, then you can use below code to do that. If you want to show custom view on tapping inside any UITextField or UITextView, Write below line of code i...

How to add UIView above UIKeyBoard in Objective C

To add an UIView just above the UIKeyBoard write the below mentioned methods to achieve it. -(UIView *)getTextFieldAccessoryView{ UIButton *cancel = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom]; [cancel setFrame:CGRectMake(0, sel...
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