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Passing data using NSNotificationCenter

There are different ways for passing data between controllers in Objective-C. In this example we are going to use NSNotificationCenter for passing data from one view controller to another view controller. NSNotificationCenter is generally used to...

Delegates in iOS

Means of communication between  the objects can be implemented using Delegates. One object can send messages to another object through delegates. For example, if we want to pass data forward then it is easy through UINavigationController as...


IBDESIGNABLE is available in Interface builder since Xcode 6.. We use IBDESIGNABLE to add additional properties to the view not only just the view but UILabel UIButtons and more.. By default properties are present related to views. In some case,...

Singleton class

A special type of class where only one instance per process is created and used is Singleton class. Singleton classes are commonly used the time when general services were offered by some classes. In Singleton class we can store values and wherev...

Table View

  Table view is one of the most frequent iOS app UI element. In iOS many of the apps utilize tableview to exhibit a list of data. Special features of tableView include headers, footers, rows, and section. It provides a list of options fur...
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