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User Defined Exception

User Defined Exceptions: In some situation a programmer needs to create and throw his own created exception and such type of exceptions are known as User defined Exception or Custom Exceptions. To create own exceptions we have to Extend t...

Checked and Unchecked Exceptions

Checked Exceptions: Checked Exceptions are those exceptions which are checked during compile time. If a program contains checked exception then it should be handled using try-catch block or by using throws keyword, otherwise there will be a co...

Difference between final,finally and finalize in java

1) Final: Final is a keyword. It is used to store constant values in variable. The value can't be changed later on. The class which is declared as final cannot be inherited. The method which is declared as final cannot be overridden. E...

Custom Exceptions in Java

An exception is any problem that occurs during the execution of a program and disrupts the normal flow of the programs instructions.In basic terms, when a condition occurs, in which it is not sure how to proceed in an ordinary way it creates an e...
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