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How to use MVVM Architecture with rxjava and retrofit in Kotlin

MVVM stands for model view view-model pattern which helps to separate development of graphic user interface and remove lots of bboilerplatecodes. So in this blog we will help you to use MVVM architecture with rxjava and retrofit in Kotlin or...

How to Implement ReactiveX Programming Using Android Retrofit 2

Synchronous means to process something serially but in the Asynchronous way you can process data simultaneously you don't need to wait for the first process to be completed. In Android app we basically hit API to fetch lots of data from th...

How to Use Retrofit in Kotlin Android App Development - 4 Easy Steps

Retrofit is a library which is very easy to use an apply. It helps to convert the HTTP API into a Kotlin interface. Though many of us must have used retrofit in Android but now as Google has announced Kotlin as an official language for Android Ap...

Sending complex data with image using Retrofit

Let us suppose you have to create post request params in below mentioned format: Here I have to send a user object which include the picture parameter ,to achieve  this you have to create HashMap which include RequestBody as paramete...

Video Tutorial-How to make network calls using retrofit in Android?

Hello everyone, This Android Video Tutorial will guide you about How you can make network calls using retrofit in Android?   For any queries feel Free to post in comment section.

Sending parameters using GET request RETROFIT

Sending the parameters in GET request is quite different you can't append dynamic query to the URL . Another way of using it. Using retrofit as follows: Map<String...

Image Upload using Retrofit

We are assuming you are already familiar with Retrofit. If not then first go to this. We have used multipart request for uploading image on server using Retrofit. Following are the simple and easy steps for image uploading using Retrofit:- ...

Retrofit Tutorial

Here is a new simple and easy option for making network requests. In comparison to volley this one is bit fast following is the test result that depicts the same. This awesome library is Retrofit multiple versions are available as th...
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