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  • Top 5 Features That Make Laravel the Best PHP Framework for Development

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    Laravel is a free open source Web Framework of PHP, developed by Taylor Otwell and debuted in June 2011, with a aim to give an alternative of CodeIgniter Framework which will be more advanced and provides features like built-in-support for user authentication and authorisation, modular packing System etc.

    So, in this blog we will know the features that makes Laravel best framework for PHP.




    Top 5 Features of that make Laravel the Best PHP Framework for Development are as follows:-


    1. Layout Engine

    Laravel structure is profoundly recognized for its inbuilt lightweight formats that assistance you make astounding designs utilizing dynamic substance seeding. What's more, it has various gadgets joining CSS and JS code with strong structures. The formats of laravel systems are imaginatively intended to make a basic design with unmistakable areas.


    2. Craftsman

    Laravel offers an implicit device for charge line known as Artisan which permits playing out the greater part of those dull and dreary programming assignments that numerous designers abstain from performing physically. These craftsmans can likewise be used to make the database structure, a skeleton code, and manufacture their relocation that turns out to be truly simple to-deal with the database framework. What's more, it can be intertwined to create the essential MVC records directly through the charge line and deal with those advantages and their separate arrangements. Craftsman even encourages designers to make their own charges and do advantageous things with it.


    3. Persuasive ORM (question social mapping)

    Laravel system offers the Eloquent ORM that incorporates a basic PHP Active Record execution. It lets the web application designers issue database inquiries with PHP linguistic structure as opposed to composing SQL code. Each table in the database has a relating Model through which the designer connects with said table. An ORM is generally quicker than all other PHP systems.


    4. Libraries and Modular:

    Laravel is additionally famous because of its Object Oriented libraries and additionally numerous other pre-installed libraries. In rest other php frameworks the already installed libraries which are in laravel are not found in others. One of the preinstalled libraries is an Authentication library which is difficult to-actualize and has numerous most recent elements, for example, checking dynamic clients, Bcrypt hashing, watchword reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) assurance, and encryption. Moreover, this system is partitioned into singular modules that receive present day PHP standards enabling designers to construct responsive, particular, and helpful web applications.


    5. MVC Architecture Support:

    The MVC example of laravel guarantees clearness of rationale and introduction. This engineering is one of the finest ways to improve execution, allow better documentation, and reach various capacities to notch up what's being deisred the most.


    I hope you liked the post. There are a lot of other features that Laravel have. I have chosen the above mentioned as top 5 best that I liked, If you have any inputs, please feel free to share with us by writting in comment section below.

    Top 5 Features That Make Laravel the Best PHP Framework for Development

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