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How to display error messages in Symfony

Hello Friends, If you are looking to flash error message in Symfony. Please review the code as below: Please open your controller function where you need to display error message. Please review the below example and update your code accordi...

How to Create your own Exception handler in cakephp ?

Hello readers, today we will discuss a very important topic of a programming language "exception handling". Exception Handling is the process of catching errors which are generated by our program and then taking appropriate action accor...

What is the difference between Error and Exception?

Error is the real something happen from exception. Exception is the way to catch the error. For example when you get the variable let say String str, we got Null Pointer. The error is because our variable has NULL value and it catch with Exceptio...

Exception Hnadling

Exception handling in java is a way to catch error or exception Exception is an event that can occur during the execution of the program. We use try catch and final to catch error. When an error occur in a method it creates an object of ...

PHP Basic Errors?

There are three basic types of errors in PHP: Notices: These errors are not displayed to the user at all , the default behavior can be changed. These are non-critical errors that encounters by php while executing a script - for example va...
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