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Browser History Manipulation

Hello Everyone!! Javascript can manipulate the browser history with the help of the some inbuilt function.The DOM window object can access the the history  with the history function.. It exposes useful methods and properties that let you ...

Image into base64 dataurl using javascript with demo

Converting image in base64 data url reduces the count of HTTP request and will increase the performance of the website because the load time to transfer data over the internet is too long and it will save the server request time. There are man...

Routing in AngularJS

Hi all, Here is an example, how to use Routing. We can use .config() to configure $routeProvider and in the same file we define two controllers firstController and SecondController. Usually these controllers holds a lot of logic but for ex...

Formatting currency using Angular

Hi all, Here is an example how to format currency using Angular filters. Formats a number as a currency (ie $1,234.56). When no currency symbol is provided, default symbol for current locale is used. - AngularJS HTML:- <body ng...

Removing data from a list on click using angular

Hi all, Below is an example to remove names from a list using ng-click. Here is a simple form for editing, adding or removing user name, all of these methods are declared on the controller. These methods can easily be called from the angul...
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