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ThreadGroup Class

ThreadGroup in Java: It represents combination of threads within a group. A thread group can also include other thread groups .With the help of thread group we can easily suspend, resume or interrupt group of threads by a single method call. ...

How to create thread

Thread: A thread is a light-weight process which can run independently. A java program can contain multiple threads. Every  thread is created and controlled by the java.lang.Thread class. We can create threads in two ways: By extend...

What is Thread pool in Android and how to use it ?

Thread pool basically manages the pool of worker thread or it manages the collection of runnable and worker threads execute Runnable from queue. Here is an example of creating threads 20 times and calling its runnable methods like this : ...

How to create a thread ?

Thread is basically used to execute something in android. Thread class provides start method to start a new thread as well as we can also use Runnable interface to create some thread. So there are two way to create a thread that are : 1. By...

How to touch UI from background or seperate thread ?

We know that Android UI or views can be touch from Main thread only , but if we want to update some UI from background or separate thread then we have to use one of the following way :- AsyncTask has 4 override methods that are onPreExecute(...
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