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  • Thanks for asking very good question on Content marketing.


    With the help of tools, we can make our life easy and efficient. Automation via tools can solve our tough task effectively, efficiently and smartly. Imagine a Farmer without spade or a Blacksmith without the hammer. So, No worker would be complete without the use of proper tools. Same the case for Content Writer/Marketer.


    List of Content Marketing Tools:

    • BuzzSumo: 

      BuzzSumo has the capacity to really identify what content will work for you better.
    • Feedly:

      It Provide you platform to read and identify content in your niche.
    • HubSpot Title Generator:

       Just fill your keywords that you desired to write and with seconds it will provide some great title ideas.
    • MailChimp:

       With the help of MailChmp we can configure setup mail list, start a campaign and monitor it. Also,  we can do other vital activity to increase reach and traffic to our content.

      With the help of this website, we can online share infographics and create them too. It also holds many free infographic themes that we can use on our blog to make it more user worthy.



    I guess, with the help of above tools you can do easy your tedious job of content marketing.

    If you have any further queries, Please do message me at my Twitter link @iHarishPal

  • As with any process, the success of your content marketing will depend on how efficient your tools are.Here are some of the tools that might be handy :-

    1. Buffer




    Hope this was of Help to You !!!

  • Content has become the key for almost every business to strengthen the bond with customers and turn them into loyal ones. However, without quality content and right marketing strategies, it's next to impossible to create the desired impact. Having said that, I am presenting 5 tools you can use for content marketing.

    1. Hubspot
    2. BuzzSumo
    3. Outbrain
    4. ClearVoice
    5. Copify

    I hope these content marketing tools will help you make waves on the internet and take your brand to new heights.




  • Imagine a King without a queen in its prolonged struggles for victory and success...

    He won’t last too long !

    Content Marketing is no different. If ‘Content’ is the King then the Marketing is it’s Queen and only by stickin' together  they can win the battles for you.

    The Content Marketing refers to creating and sharing the good quality content to attract and convert the prospective customers into repeat buyers. No matter how big or small, content marketing is very essential for a business entity to prosper. That said, marketing the content is one of the toughest challenges a marketer ever faces.

    To improve the quality of your content, outdo the competition and enhance the customer engagement, support of an infallible tool is a must.

    I am in love with BuzzSomo and would suggest you the same. It is one of the leading, tried and tested tool that lets you ‘remain stuck to the topic’ with each post that you create. Its ability to offers top-notch results and simple user -interface makes it ‘a cut above the rest’. Just by simply entering the topic in the search bar, you get a variety of the data including the list of high performing content which is measured by social shares and searches.

    Hope you've found what you were looking for! ;)

    Have a great day!


  • Five Good Content Marketing Tools Are:
    1. Outbrain: Outbrain use the platform to amplify the audience for any type of video, infographic, blog or other expertly crafted content.
    2. BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo will populate the highest ranking, most social and most influential content trending on the web that matches your search terms. This can help you find better ways of titling your content, as well as help you discover where to advertise based on relevant audience reach.
    3. QuickSprout: QuickSprout tells you what you’re doing wrong with your site and gives you suggestions on how to increase search traffic.
    4. Squirrly: Squirrly is an SEO plugin that helps you optimize content for the right keyword and user, as well as measure your content’s success.
    5. PowToon: PowToon is a content marketing tool for creating animated videos and presentations.
    • Copify is one of the best content marketing software as the company has a rigorous qualification process for its copywriters. The pricing is also nominal. Subscription type pay. 
    • Hubspot the gold standard of content marketing over thousands of topics can be gained each day and one of the most costliest yet one of the big players in the content marketing. Subscription type pay.
    • ClearVoice is also best content marketing software for both content writer and digital marketers. As it is a common platform which connects both the professions. It has standard pricing and is subscription time pay only.

    Out of this i guess Hubspot is the best according to me.

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