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  • Here is a few things you can do according to my checklist :

    • Check your computer's date/time settings.That's the most common cause of certificate errors.
    • Try clearing your browser's cache (and perhaps cookies too) and re-start your laptop.
    • Have you tried disabling any browser add-ons or (for browser's like Firefox, chromium its common).
    • Go to Settings->Account->Browser Connection and try both types: http and https
    • Disabling Settings->Offline->Offline Mail if you are using it.
    • Temporarily disabling your anti-virus scanner to see if the behaviour changes (Might be the antivirus firewall or Internet protection is at high make it to medium if you are using Kaspersky).
  • Hello Sachin,

    There are few reasons why gmail shows network error :

    • You must verify the email address and its validity. It can be done by Google search on your email address and checking out the result page it appears on.
    • You must verify the browser & its latest updation. It can be the reason of showing network error.
    • Firewall privacy setting can be a reason of showing network error. You can include gmail in privacy setting of the browser and allow third party cookie.
    • You can add to your browsers list of trusted Internet sites to resolve error.
    • The most common issue associated with network error is when browser get stuck in infinite loop. An outdated/corrupted cookie, or settings that are preventing the appropriate cookies from saving to your PC.
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