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  • How to fetch cells data from one Google Sheet to another?

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    I have two Google Sheets named Sheet_1 and Sheet_2. I want to link both these Google Sheets and fetch the cells numerical data from Sheet_2 to a specific cell location in Sheet_1.


    For example Sheet_2 has a cell C9 with numeric data 20000 which I want to store automatically to cell B5 in Sheet_1 with the functionality that whenever I make any change in C9 Sheet_2, then it automatically updated in B5 Sheet_1.


    I tried to search how to implement it but unable to do the same. Please provide me a solution how to do this.


 4 Answer(s)


    Hi Manoj, you can use IMPORTRANGE("spreadsheet_key", "range_string") formula. Use this formula in the sheet where you want to fetch the data.


    • You can find the spreadsheet_key in the sharing URL of the desired spreadsheet from where you have to fetch the data. eg:- The portion highlighted in red is your unique spreadsheet_key.Untitled.jpg

    • range_string means the name of the TAB of your sheet and range of rows & columns you want to import. eg:- (SheetB!A1:D3")

    I hope this will help.

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