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  • In continuation to my answer, here's something useful and fun:

    Copy the following formula in cell B1 (assuming your data starts in A1): SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A1)," ","*",1)
    Copy down the above formula to the rest of the cells
    Select column B
    Go to Data--> Text to column...
    Check "Other" and put "*" there (without double quotes)
    Press Ok
    Your Data should be split and formatted in a nice usable table.

  • Here are the steps:
    • Select the starting cell where you want the imported data to be placed
    • Go To Insert --> Link to External Data...
    • This will open an "External data" dialog box where you need to put in the url of the source and press Enter.
    • This will bring up "Import Options" asking you to select a language to import. Select Automatic.
    • This populates the list box with HTML elements. Select HTML_Tables.
    • In case, you want your data to automatically refresh, there is an option to set the frequency at which the data will be refreshed.
    • This should populate your sheet with the required data.

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