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  • Nearly 70% of IT(Software and WEB) projects are dogged by cost-overruns or are not completed on schedule due to poor management like poor planning, poor communication or poor resource allocation. In the whole IT industries of the world only 30% IT projects are completed successfully under the given time by project manager, according to The Standish Group. Project management consultants and software providers say they see IT departments making the same project management mistakes over and over: IT groups don't follow standard project management processes. They don't have the right staff working on projects. Here are the 7 most common project management mistakes that IT groups can avoid. Please check below carefully ..

    1. Employing a Project Manager Lacking Experience

    2. Poor Resource Matching

    3. Poor Requirements Gathering

    4. Poor Communication with Stakeholders and Project Team
    5. IT doesn't follow a standard, repeatable project management process.
    6. Doing Everything Yourself (Ignoring the Input of Team)
    7. Failing to Manage Project Scope
  • So many projects, so much mismanagement. That's the refrain of many IT executives.

    Heres a reality check: are you getting in your own way when it comes to being a productive and effective leader? Are you failing at successful project management and team building? Here are some Project Management mistakes you might be making without even knowing it:

    1. Inexperienced project Manager: The project manager managing the project should have complete knowledge and flow of the project and should have a relevant experience of particular field.

    2. Resources working on project: Should not employee or engage the resource based on their availability, you should properly estimate and judge the requirement and which resources fits for the job.

    3. Poor start and lack of proper conversations and knowledge Transfer: Kickoff meeting

    4. Lacking of Time and Budget estimation.

    5. Lack of communication between client and stakeholder.

  • I totally agree with Ranjeet. Here I am adding some important points to remember when it comes to Project Management :-

    1. Every single member of the team should be involved when understanding the Project requirements.
    2. A Project manager should always discuss the realistic time frame with the team members before finalising the deadlines of a project.
    3. A Project Manager should not avoid recording information regarding daily tasks, events, bugs & other problem related to their projects.
    4. Proper software training of a good Project Management Software should be provided to all the team members.
  • Typically during resource allocation, most of the effort is focused on finding the right resources other than finding the right project manager.project managers get picked based on availability, not necessarily on skill set.However, an inadequately trained and/or inexperienced project manager can doom a project. Here are some mistakes which are needed to avoid. 1. Failing to get everyone on the team behind the Project. 2. Putting too many projects into production at once. 3. Lack of (regular) communication / meetings. 4. Not being specific enough with the scope/allowing the scope to frequently change. 5. Not Being Flexible. 6. Micromanaging Projects.

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