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How to calculate the ranking for students in a classroom using arrays only and sorting techniques

Hi there. I have a task to Calculate the ranking for students in a classroom. For example, if Remi's score is 14, Yan's score is 2 and Maria's score is 20 then Remi's ranking is 2 since he has the second-highest score, ...

How to fix my code in C language programming

Hello i am doing an exercise that states:  A 3000 lb  vehicle travelling on a road at 100 ft/sec requires a force equal to its mass times its acceleration to stop ( F = ma). The acceleration is given by a=  (v_o^2-v_i^2)/2...

Complex Software Algorithm Problem (Java/C#)

Hi,   Can someone please assist in solving the attached complex software algorithm problem as attached (using Java or C#)   Thank you in advance

How to Sort Names in Alphabetical Order Using Bubble Sort in C Program

Could someone help me write a C program that would let users to input names in any order, then displays the names, sorted in Alphabetical order. You may use any sorting algorithm like Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, et...

How to Get Root Node Deleted Properly in Binary Search Tree

#include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> struct node {   struct node *right;     int data;   struct node *left; }*root=NULL,*new,*temp; int num=0,num1; void insert(); struct node *del(struct node *...

How to Write popen() Simulating Function in C Programming?

Hi Friends!   I have a difficulty with a recent task. I have a very little programming experience and although I got myself familiar with each function and understand what each does, I can't somehow compose them together to a ...

return address of local variable or array

in this code I am trying to return the address of local array(c[100]) ,complier was showing me error of returning address of local variable but when changed the datatype from int to static int it works fine.whats the reason behind this? #inclu...

Appropriate Partitioning

Given an array A of integers, choose 2 non-empty disjoint subsets X and Y such that ratio of sum of elements of X and Y is as close to 1 as possible. Given, Α : {a1, a2, .... aN} Find, X : {x1, x2....xK} Y : {y1, y2.....yM} ...

Parallel Arrays

Create a program that allows the user to input a list of first names into one array and last names into a parallel array. Input should be terminated when the user enters a sentinel character. The output should be a list of email address...

c program to print all possible combinations of given input number or value ?

If user input is 183 then output should be 183 138 813 831 318 381.

I need help in a C code

Help me with the Logic of the question given below: You will be given a file with two lines. First line will contain two integers separated by commas(say X,Y). In the next line there will be Y number of integers again separated by commas. You ...

Sorting singly linked list which takes only one argument

I want to write a recursive method which sorts the singly linked list and takes only one argument. And do not write another auxiliary method to support this recursive method.

Encrypt a message

I have to write a function to encrypt a message given as a string input using the given encryption key. The function should output the encrypted message as a string to encryptedMessage in the argument list. The function prototype must be as fol...

C programming encrypting a message

Hey guys, i am a C programming beginner and looking for help urgently. I need to Write a function to encrypt a message given as a string input using the given encryption key. The function should output the encrypted message as a string to enc...

c programming error codes

can any body tell me c programming error codes i am not able to understand the things

Difference between variable declaration globally and locally

During my project work I was working on a code in which I was getting segmentation fault on initialization of two variables of float data type whose dimensions where 1000 cross 1800 for both of them, but when I declared the variables globally pro...

Comparing float with a value

Hi everyone, I was looking at two C programs given here below, attached in the question.txt file. I can't write my code here because in the preview section my code looks very ambiguous. These codes are giving different outputs but i was thinki...

Floyd cycle detection

Can anybody tell me the complexity of Floyd cycle detection algorithm in singly linked list with proof.
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