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Creating dynamic CSS styling

Basic ideas behind dynamic theming In addition to creating templates that are displayed conditionally, the Drupal also provide us to apply CSS for specific conditions on any given page. $classes this variable aid dynamic CSS styling. Cond...

Overriding Theme functions, Drupal 7

Overriding functions Themable functions can be overridden by copying the functions and placing them in the active theme's template.php file though the template file is optional but this is the only file you can use override the function defied...

Enable https on localhost

enable https in localhost For OS Ubuntu sudo a2enmod ssl service apache2 restart -- If this doesn't work try this sudo a2ensite default-ssl service apache2 reload Now hit your localhost https/localhost

Logging and errors

Navigate to Logging and errors in the `DEVELOPMENT` section of the `Configuration`. This page provides a few options used to control how errors are displayed and logged Under the ERROR MESSAGES TO DISPLAY you have three options No...

Passing variables from PHP to JavaScript in Drupal 7

Drupal provide a mean to pass information easily to JavaScript. Many applications want to pass configuration information to JavaScript that runs on a page. "Hello World!"), 'setting'); //Inline Js drupal_add_js('alert(Drupal.settings.hellow...

Drupal 7 Adding Javascript and CSS file

including both of them file scripts[] = hello_world.js stylesheets[screen][] = hello_world.css Adding a JavaScript file and a CSS file to a page $path = drupal_get_path('module', 'hello_world'); drupal_add_js($path . ...
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