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Media Query

Media query is css technique that is being introduce in css3. It is used to set the css and display the page properly when seen on the different screen size. It uses $media rule to include a block of the css only if a certain condidtion is ...

website css3 Triangles for website

<section class="col-2 ss-style-triangles"></section> <section class="color"></section> <section class="col-3 ss-style-doublediagonal"></section> *, *:after, *::before { -webkit-box-sizing: borde...

HTML5 Responsive Design - Media Queries (Part 2)

In the previous session, we learnt the basics of media queries and covered some points about how they are used to achieve responsiveness in web design. In this part, well continue with other important aspects of the same. As we are wel...

HTML5 Responsive Design - Media Queries (Part 1)

Overview Media Queries, a mainstay of Responsive Web Design, is a CSS3 module allowing page elements to adjust to features of the rendering device. These features can be width, height, visual density, orientation and/or resolution. I...
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