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  • What no one tells you about 2017 Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update

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    After the success of the Game Mode, Microsoft gears up for the Windows 10 Creators Update


    Windows 10 is a lot more different than the yesteryear Windows. It behaves like a breathing entity -- the one that frequently changes with the release of new updates. 2016’s Anniversary Update was a striking example. It offered remarkable features like Windows Ink, Windows Hello, Xbox Play Anywhere, Active Hours, a dark theme and a lot more. In it’s latest stint, the company has shared the details on the upcoming Windows 10 Game Mode features few days back, and on 27th January 2017 they have began rolling it to the users in Windows 10 Insider Preview Program as part of latest 15019 preview build. While the World is focussed on ‘Just the Game Mode’, let me guide you through a new wave of innovation that Windows plan to offer with it’s Windows 10 Creators Update.


    Without further ado, let us take a sneak peak into the list of the goodies & tweaks Microsoft plans to offer with the release of Windows 10 Creators Update.



    3D For Everyone & Everything


    Microsoft plans to integrate the 3D capabilities extensively into all major aspects of Windows 10 Productivity tools through Creators Update. It will expand the 3D technology and assist the creative professionals from media and design industries to implement the 3D technology in their work and businesses.


    A new 3D Paint application that enables you to create and experiment with the 3D models. A person can easily use his smartphone to scan an object by using ‘Windows Capture 3D Experience’ and share it in a Paint 3D screen to further edit it. 3D Paint will let you make your own life-like images with ease.


    The Microsoft Edge browser to support 3D content. You can easily download and upload the 3D models of your choice. Windows can then assist you with the print of your 3D model, provided you have a 3D Printer.


    A unique ‘View 3D Preview’ app on the Windows OS will enable the users to open, rotate, zoom and view the 3D models with ease. It will support the .3mf and .fbx file extensions.


    Microsoft PowerPoint to gain 3D animations and 3D models and it can be easily integrated in your PowerPoint presentations. By the end of year 2017, it is expected that Microsoft can include a set of 3D features in other Office applications like MS Word and MS Excel.


    Microsoft has launched an online community / database site Remix 3D to assist the users to find, create and share the 3D creations.


    Better Privacy Control


    Windows 10 Creators Update is expected to address the deep-seated privacy concerns, especially the OS sending the elementary data like the text  input, location, etc. to the Microsoft. Thanks to a new and freshly evolved privacy dashboard. It would be easily understandable and manageable. After the Creators Update launch, you’ll be able to choose from two levels of data collection: Full and Basic. The Basic level restricts the options to allow minimal access to your computer and will restrict the Microsoft to collect information about installed apps, error reports, etc.


    Better Protection


    The all new Creators Update is expected to beef up the security and protection of your PCs by enabling the sensors to identify kernel-level exploits and system memory threats. Thanks to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service. ATP is expected to provide a post-breach layer of protection that will assist the businesses to detect and respond to targeted and advanced attacks, beyond the Windows Defender. However the ATP will be a part of Win 10 Enterprise only.


    Modern UEFI conversion tool


    Many of the Windows 10 users wanted to enjoy the security investments like Device Guard on their present hardware, but due to the lack of UEFI-enabled devices, they were not able to utilize it to their advantage. Windows 10 Creators Update is all set to introduce a new UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) conversion tool that will reduce the IT professional’s requirement to convert the Win7 devices using the BIOS services. The tool will easily automate the previously done manual work. The Tool will be amalgamated with several other management tools like System Centre Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) as the part of Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade.


    Unified Update Platform (UUP)


    Unified Update Platform or the UUP is Microsoft’s latest delivery technology that works across a number of platforms including PCs, mobile devices and HoloLens. UUP drastically reduce the update size across the platforms by the utilization of differential download technology. Simply saying, the differential download package contains all the changes that were made since the time Windows was last updated. According to Microsoft the UUP technology can shrink the downloaded file size by 35 percent.


    Not only this, the UUP also alters the way your device checks the updates, thereby allowing the Windows Update Service to decide and download only the necessary updates. This feature is important for the Windows 10 Mobile devices.Microsoft will make the UUP available as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update.


    Mainstream Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headsets


    Growth in Mixed Reality–which includes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for the ‘creation experiences’ and ‘enhanced ownership’ is considered as one of the top tech-predictions for the year 2017. Along the same lines, Microsoft finds its credence among Mixed Reality and Holographic computing. Microsoft loves it’s own Hololens, a mixed reality headset that enables you to see superimposed digital images of the real world. But with all the 3D content pumping up on Windows 10, it’s the AR VR headsets the company is looking for. To accomplish the needful, Microsoft has joined hands with companies like Lenovo, Acer, HP and Dell. These companies would be making the 3D gaming and VR headsets for Windows. It is believed that these headsets will be provided with positional tracking to make it more competent than Google’s VR platform, Daydream and Samsung’s Gear VR. Besides, these headsets will come with the high resolution camera to make it more capable for mixed reality, think about the Pokémon Go experience, but in a headset.


    The best part about this headsets will be it’s competitive pricing. It is expected that headsets  will start at $299, much more affordable than $3000 HoloLens hardware and the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift which is available at $799 and $599, respectively.  


    And of course!


    Improved Gaming


    Gamers will find a lot to cheer in the Windows Creators Update. It will take you to the epic 4K gaming and as Microsoft has began rolling the Game Mode update, the company is also building the Beam as a feature of Windows 10 and Xbox One. Beam will connect with your Windows 10 and Xbox One Live account and make the game steaming easy and quick. Users will not require to download any additional software to interact over your broadcast or watch your streams. To start streaming on your Windows 10 PC, press Windows + G. A Windows 10 Game bar will pull up. Then, click the broadcast button. Besides, on the Xbox One, you can start the steaming with the press of a button from inside the Guide.


    With new tournaments from the professional organizers like FACEIT and ESL Gaming coming to Arena on Xbox Live, you can easily create your own arena tournaments and invite your friends to play and view. When the tournament ends, the result is automatically recorded and you can easily share it on your social media networks. Microsoft is determined to build the Windows 10 gaming experience better, easier and more social gaming by releasing innovative software features throughout the year, the Creators Update is just the start.


    The Creators Update will be available for free to around 400 million devices that are running on Windows 10. It is expected that it will be available to the general public sometime in Spring 2017. Stay tuned!

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