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  • Cheap Windows Dedicated Servers Hosting: When and Why You Need It

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    Majority of the desktop users around the world use the Microsoft-owned Windows operating system. While the small businesses have a few options to select from, a website which always has high traffic must choose a dedicated server as otherwise they may experience frequent interruptions. Businesses strive to get the maximum benefits while keeping the operational costs low. They need the cheap Windows dedicated servers hosting plans to manage their overflowing traffic.


    No compromise in quality


    Cheap hosting does not mean low-quality services. It refers to the pricing of the plans that you buy. There is a huge difference in the pricing of a dedicated server and the shared hosting. Businesses were at one time worried to upgrade as they were not sure if they could manage the high costs.




    However, with the vast improvement in technology, the hardware components have become more efficient.  Competition among the web hosting companies grew and they competed to offer the best services while bringing the prices down. Cheap windows dedicated servers hosting guarantees you of high performance with reliable, secure, and flexible services


    What exactly is a dedicated server hosting


    When an individual or an organization leases an entire physical server exclusively for their business, they have taken a dedicated server. It is a machine dedicated to one entity. Since only one entity enjoys the complete machine, the concept of economies of scale does not apply and the complete server operational expenditure is borne by that entity. Hence a dedicated server plan is higher in cost than the shared servers.


    Choice of operating system


    Most web hosting providers offer two types – Linux and Windows. There is no difference in features or quality. They differ in the way they are built. While Linux uses the open source scripts like MySQL and PHP, Windows machines are built on Windows specific technologies like ASP.NET, MSSQL, MSAccess etc.  

    It is important that you choose cheap Windows dedicated servers hosting if your website requires the use of any of the Microsoft technologies. One reason why it is recommended to use Windows hosting is because Linux servers are not compatible with the Microsoft framework and can cause performance issues.


    Price is a factor


    One shortcoming of the Windows hosting is the license fee that Microsoft levies on its products. This means you will be paying more when you chose a cheap Windows dedicated servers hosting plan over the Linux servers. Users pay a license fee for the Windows operating system but have access to the ASP and .NET technologies. There are additional licenses to be purchased for the MSSQL and other Exchange servers.


    Features you get with the cheap Windows dedicated servers hosting:


    As mentioned earlier, there is no compromise in quality or anything less in features with an affordable Windows hosting.


    Administrative control


    Since the entire machine is with one entity, that person has complete control. You can manage your server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). You have the power to configure the hardware and install any software that your business may require.


    More reliable


    The complete resources like RAM, server space, processor, bandwidth and others are totally with the client. You can use the server for any purpose- email server, database hosting, large e-commerce, gaming server, or anything you wish to. The server can easily handle high traffic pressures without slowing down or crashing. since you have the control, you can configure the server according to the traffic demands.


    Tools you get


    Windows dedicated servers come with the Plesk control panel for the users to manage their account. In addition, the servers are provided with a dedicated IP and a SSL certificate that enhances the security to your account.


    Security and support


    The servers are built and housed in resilient data centers that have 24/7 surveillance by security officers. Entry is allowed only through biometric cards. The servers come in-built with firewalls, IPS, IDS, anti-spam and anti-virus solutions. Microsoft frequently updates all its applications for security patches. You must make sure you have the newest tool so that you stay on par with your competitors. 


    The cheap Windows dedicated servers hosting providers offer proactive monitoring of the server. They have a support team that is available around the clock to assist

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