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  • Guide To Apple Core ML: How It Can Enhance Your Normal Ecommerce App To Super App?

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    In recent years, machine learning is reshaping our world and is touted to be one of the most influential technologies in recent times. Being part of the Artificial Intelligence machine learning allows computers to learn various things without human interference. In the mobile development industry, machine learning is offering new avenues and opportunities that would enable developers to build super apps. In this article, we will look into the Apple Core ML and its relationship with asp net application development, how it works and finally how it can enhance a normal e-commerce app to a super app.


    In the app and software development market where the competition is steep don’t net powered applications are in high demand and is on a significant rise. Major industries are now drawing towards getting Microsoft application development along with asp net development services. Most of the asp net application development service providers offer a full cycle of services from analysis to design, implementations, testing and integrating it to the system. So if the net development companies provide all these services it would be noteworthy to view how Apple Core ML fits into this landscape.


    What is Core ML?

    Designed by Apple Inc., Core ML is a framework that is developed so that it can be used for integrating learning models to mobile apps. It has machine-learning algorithms that can run on the device locally. Core ML framework performs as a foundation that is specific to a domain framework and functionality.


    How Core ML works?

    Core ML has been designed by Apple Inc. in such a way that it can work with both old and new machine learning frameworks. The new frameworks being Natural Language, Vision, and GamePlayKit while the older frameworks are Accelerate, Metal Performance Shaders, and BNNS.  Net development companies with services can integrate the Core ML algorithms in the app so that it can be combined with machine learning features like image recognition and language processing with very little data science expertise.


    Core ML technology plays a crucial role in places where developers need to take advantage of machine learning and following are some of the situations in which Core ML technology can enhance the e-commerce mobile app to a super app.


    Searching Products: Based on the pursuits made by the customers, e-commerce sites need to be able to provide relevant information. By integrating the Core ML net development companies can integrate the algorithms in the e-commerce apps that would help them to rank, expand the related questions, understand the queries thereby making the search easier and intuitive for the customers. The information provided by the customer during the search and product purchase provides a plethora of information about the customer’s preference and e-commerce can use that knowledge to populate the user’s screen with such products.


    Promoting and Recommending Products: In the e-commerce app, the recommendation is based on a three-tier collaboration filtering method. The e-commerce stores receive the recommendation after it partners with a service provider who delivers substantial data service to the e-commerce site for the smart recommendation. For the machine learning, the data will form the foundation and can be used for training to equip a model that can make a sound and relevant recommendation and promotion.  This will result in an increased sale and more traffic to the site.



    Analytics and Trend Forecasting: Mainly for the e-commerce enterprises that cater to fashion it is important that they can forecast the latest trends and take advantage of it. With data available and integrating it with the Core ML, the tendencies can be predicted based on the past season sales. It is important that the data is collated correctly and analyzed to predict and forecast a trend in real-time.


    Security: One of the biggest threats faced by e-commerce sites are data frauds, breach of privacy and hacking. Machine learning can be crucial in building the defense system that can screen the online transactions and activities. If there are any anomalies in the behavioral pattern then it can trigger an alarm and alert the system.


    Mining Big Data: Big data can be immensely helpful if they are used properly. With machine learning technology relations between not so obvious data sets can be established along with statistical information, which can be used for determining customer’s choice and behavior patterns. Big data mining can also help in predicting the likes of the customers and segregate them into different groups, which can be beneficial for e-commerce enterprises.


    Recognizing Visual and Audio: There are already apps that use machine learning technology for audio and visual recognition, like Shazam and Snapchat. Audio recognition technique is used by Shazam to find a song by incorporating machine learning Snapchat uses visual recognition technology. In the coming years, e-commerce sites can integrate Core ML to enhance the experience of e-commerce users with audio and visual technology.


    Personalization: With the rise in competition among the e-commerce sites one of few of the aspects that have developed recently is that users are no longer satisfied with generalized service. Machine learning is able to provide customized services to the user. For example when a fitness app is integrated with Core ML then it will have several sensors that will capture the user’s everyday activity and be able to provide more personalized data for a better result.


    Customer Service and Assistance: For many users and customers of e-commerce sites machine learning will be a blessing since instead of letters, emails and conversing on the phone technology will assist them with Chatbots and virtual vice secretary. Information will be provided as per customer’s requirement as well as questions will be asked to determine their exact need.


    Apple Inc.’s design of Core ML will help mobile apps to get a better understanding of the users availing e-commerce sites. It will also decrease the dependency on the touch inputs and errors while providing e-commerce businesses with the information to serve their customers better. Like Core ML, Microsoft application development is also using machine learning to create a platform that can boost the e-commerce sector. 

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