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  • This question is similar to the question What are some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to Project Management? well still I will point out some important issues for failure of project management.

    A failure of a project management depends of different issues and situations and each failed project management have it different or can be same like other failed project issues, some of the common issues are:

    Imperfect Preparation: The team manager and resources involved should have clear sight and should be clearly prepared about the project what they have to do and how they need to do, expectation and even cost, time estimation should be clear as much as possible the cost and time issues are generally faced on big projects.

    Lacking of proper tracking and documentation: Tracking is the responsibility of project management, so he should properly track every spring and milestone so that he and client is aware whether the progress is meeting up-to expectation.

    Bad or Poor Leadership: It not only for the project manager but leadership includes at every stage of project from Project manager to Team Lead to senior resources and the resources working with senior resource.

    Inexperienced Project Managers: The project manager managing the project should have complete knowledge and flow of the project and should have a relevant experience of particular field else the project can suffer and met the condition of failure.

    Wrong Cost and Time Estimation: The heading defines it clearly as what will happen if cost and time estimation go wrong.

    Lacking of proper communication: The lack of communication between the team and with client and manager can cause the improper information/requirement which will cause a failure of project management, hence their should be transparency between the upper management, middle, with the team and client.

    Lacking Use of Project Management Tool: Their are enormous Free Online Project Management Tool in the market today and yes many of them are free (Such as Jira, FindNerd, Trello etc), using good project management tool which can provide you proper project sprint/milestone tracking, resource tracking, Time and cost tracking will be much helpful in running the project.

    Conclusion: Their are many other issues and cause of failure of project management but using such Project and Task Management Tool, rather then doing every tracking on note pad or worksheet can help in proper management of project and save the project from failure.

  • Hey Manoj

    Already there are some good points raised to discover the causes of project management failure. I keep my answers short and just add some more points.

    The most important reasons that lead to Project Management failure are as follows:

      Poor Leadership:

       I guess a leader can make or break the projects success. A bad leader can not only fail a project, but also ruin the name, respect and brand value of a company. A bad Team Leader may say "I-know-it-all". I tell you "Beware the know-it-all".  But, a good leader knows how much they don't know. A good leader needs not pretend to be the smartest in building but they are always eager to learn new thing from one another. There is no harm in learning from nearby people whether they are experienced or fresh talent.

      Use of wrong Project Management tools:

      Nowadays, all things are digitized. Gone are the days when project manager used Paper based project management. There are many Online Project Management Tools available like Trello, GanttProject, FindNerd, wrike, zoho, Orange Scrum. 

      Project Cost Estimation:

      This is very vital and initial stage to manage any project. If you do mistake here, you will definitely fail to manage any project.

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  • Following are the key point that leads to Project management failure. 1-Poor Preparation. 2-Inadequate Documentation and Tracking. 3-Bad Leadership. 4-Failure to define parameters and enforce them. 5-Inaccurate Cost Estimations. 6-Little communication at every level of management. 7-Disregarding Project Warning Signs :-

  • Hello Manoj,

    There can be various reasons causing a project to fail. Here are some of the reasons which would give you better understanding and will help you in preparing for your next PM job.

    Poor Preparation

    Poor or incomplete preparation is always dangerous. Its like moving upstream without a paddle, which would lead you nowhere. You must have a very clear picture of what you are going to do, in advance. When you know exactly what you have to do, it will help you in setting up the goals for future. In the preparation phase you must set your priorities and must decide on the cost, time, resources, product quality, right tool etc.

    Poor tracking and inadequate documentation

    A project manager is required to keep a track of every activity of the project. There are many good tools which track project progress and provide the real time data and complete reports. Proper recording and monitoring will help a project manager to identify the areas where improvement is needed.

    Selecting an inexperienced leader

    Leadership is required at every level, whether you are a team lead or the owner of a company. The person you select to be a project manager should have a good experience and should be a good leader.

    Inaccurate cost estimations

    Cost being in monetary value is the total of all the expenses incurred on material, effort, time and utility consumed etc. Make sure you calculate your expenses properly in order to do the accurate cost estimations.

    Poor communication

    Communication is not just expressing your thoughts and receiving others but it is more about understanding what people say and making sure that they also understand what you say. So, developing understanding in your communication is very important.

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