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  • UX Checklist: 8 Ways to Improve User Experience with Well-Planned Content

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    Well-planned content is vital when it comes to enhancing user experience. Users usually take notice of website design, smart interactions, features and usability. However, having the well-displayed information users are looking for on your website is also a very important contributory factor in enhancing overall user experience.



    Website visitors are eager to identify all content: company’s opening time, product and service details, directions, reviews, etc. If it is poor-quality, the user will be disappointed. Let’s take a closer look at how well-presented content helps enhance the user experience of your website visitors.


    How to improve user experience with well-planned content


    Below you can read about top 8 ways that will help you provide an engaging experience to users by avoiding common mistakes. Let’s delve into details:


    1. Build a well-run content team

    Excellent experience for users is based on a well-crafted content. A well-run team that understands the goals, the audiences, the voice of business is able to deliver engaging and insightful content. User experience improves to a big extent when verified information is produced as well-polished content.


    2. Define your audience

    The five W's approach is used to define the website visitors - target audience who will read presented content. You should know who your users are, their location, reasons to read and a manner of reading. The more closely you investigate audience, the more powerful content will be created and delivered.

    3. Discover insights

    Your content team should put questions to discover content insights. How your website content helps users find solutions to their problems, what purpose it serves, etc., allows you to obtain better results. Website content should be displayed in the front and center to provide more pleasant and positive experience to the readers.


    4.  Keep a consistent tone


    The tone should reflect the values your business delivers. Style and vocabulary list should be well-documented that allows representing business interests with integrity. It is desirable to state your core goals, specify an appropriate style, and instruct writing team on how to handle common stylistic problems. This will help everyone avoid inconsistency.


    5. Organize content hierarchically


    Arranging your content is essential for providing good user experience. Website content should be organized into logical categories. Breaking down the information into clearly defined sections is critical as it helps find relevant information easier when it is presented in a top-down structure. The better you polish your website content, the faster website visitors find right information on your website.


    6. Polish your content


    Properly proofread content eliminates errors before publishing and promoting the content. If there are mistakes in your website content, users may not be able to understand the message you want to convey, which could result into losing users and the desired ROI. There are many online tools you can use to get your content flawless. If your website content is well-polished, readers will appreciate it and  rely on its high quality.

    7.  Add insightful content


    The users’ arrival on your website should be just the beginning of a long user journey. You should figure out a way to present information the users need. A website should be smart to suggest related articles automatically based on user preferences. More discoverable content engages more readers and helps them start a positive journey.


    8. Measure the content success

    Analytics lets you identify moves users make (spent time on the website pages, their engagements, and conversions, etc.) to measure how effective the content is. Obtained data allows you to create detailed user pathways, understand what content is popular, why and when users feel bored and leave. This will help make an informed decision and quickly eliminate any identified blocks within the user’s journey to build better engagement and enhance the positive experience.

    Drawing a line

    Creating positive and user-friendly experience is reliant on clear, eye-catchy and error-free content. Good experience for users is not just about reading content, but reading it in a pleasant and engaging way. DDI Development company offers a holistic approach that helps identify, prioritize needs, and get results when delivering professional and responsive design, a well-thought-out functionality alongside informative content to improve usability and efficiency.


    Author Bio: 

    Alexandra is a content creator at DDI Development which is a highly proficient custom solutions provider delivered more than 150 outstanding effective projects worldwide from startups to SMBs to brands since 2007. She loves to write and read about innovative development technologies and is passionate about animals, gardening and camping.


    UX Checklist: 8 Ways to Improve User Experience with Well-Planned Content

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