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  • How to Create Wireframe Designs for Website: Best Practices

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    Introduction to Wireframe


    Wire-frames are simple design presentation that show the placement of elements or data in a user interface and demonstrate the planned layout and working functionality of a project. It can be crafted on a scraps of paper or on a white board, or in a software program.


    They are typically free from graphic design features like colour, typography or actual images and try to explain the following queries instead:


    • What elements will be displayed in the UI?
    • How will the elements be organized?
    • How will the interface work?
    • How does the end user interact with the application / website?


    Basically Wire-frames helps to demonstrate the thoughts in sketch form and it only show the design structure and the behavior should be perform in the project.


    Who Uses Wire-Frames?


    Wire-frames is a visual communication method in which an unpolished development structure designed for everyone to get better understanding or ideas of development phases of the project.




    Above I brief you about the wire-frame and to whom it is helpful. Now the main question raise that how can we create effective work-flow structure or project development structure. Wire-frames should be structured or designed up to the mark which elaborate or explain the process or structure as per the requirement or need.


    In the process of designing wire-frames, we have to take care of the few things which helps to make an effective project wire-frame and confusion free.


    • Specified The Expectation

    To get best wire-frame result, we should need to ask frequent feedback from client and also get the prospective idea from him. It will helps to get the result up to client benchmark.


    • Don't Use Colors.

    We don't have any requirement of colors in sketching wire-frame. So avoid color, because it can be distracting. We can just put some highlighters if in case of urgent need. Otherwise just create a rough sketch on paper or any software.


    • Keep Consistency In Structure

    The wire-frames motto stick to facilitate, not to confuse the process. So we need to maintain the consistency in the structure like – typography, spacing, steps etc.


    • Be Selective and Keep It Simple

    Everyone have lots of idea or thoughts to draw the flow structure, but we need to stick with the selective ideology and simplest representation for the flow structure. Give each ideology different platform.


    • Avoid Complicated Method

    The best way to create wire-frame is to avoid unnecessary barrier. Just stick with the simple method to create flow structure. Don't push yourself to use any software, just sketch it on the paper or whiteboard or any other showcase things.


    • Build Storyboards to Imagine Work Flow

    To remove complexity, it is good to create a story-line or storyboard to make client comfortable to visualize the interactions or work flow. Storyboard is helpful to manage complex work flow, so it is a good thoughts to draw the process or steps in a form of storyboard.


    • Focus To The Target Audience

    It is good to get client idea, but it is also necessary to focus toward the end user. So it is necessary to understand the end user perspective before creating the work flow. Before creating the wire-frame we need to understand what we are going to do and to whom we are following. So end user perspective needed after that work flow design.


    • Use Notes And Comments Where Needed

    It is a best practice to add a note or comment to any important functionality. This practice helps to make wire-frames simpler and define the complex functionality or step in very simpler way.


    • Provide Explanation And Then Hand Over To Client

    If you want a good feedback or hearing from Client, you have to walk your clients through the wire-frames or work-flow structure. It is best to impart the best understandings to the client and elaborate the proper work flow to make your wire-frame more fruitful.


    Conclusion :


    Wire-frame is a best way to kick-start the project and give the idea of project outcome or result. Wire-frame framed the idea or thoughts into visualization form, idea would be into shape. Getting started the project, wire-frame is a best and easier process. It is easily draw or prepare on a piece of paper or create through any simple wire-frame design tool.

    How to Create Wireframe Designs for Website: Best Practices

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