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  • How Image Presentation Helps To Improve User Experience (UX)?

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    As they say, An Image is comprising million words in itself. So about UX, Image replacement is really worthwhile. As we all know that we human beings are extremely visual creature. We can easily interpret the meaning or the content through the image in comparison of words. We visualize the information instantly or early in comparison of the elaborate block of Text. Moreover, the images can short the language bars in a simple form in comparison of a Text.

    In this blog, we’ll let you know about the number of useful practices that will help you to brilliantly integrate the images into your designs.




    Add Only Relevant Images

    One of the major issue in any design is that sometimes image convey the wrong message.

    For Example- Somewhere we need Delete Icon and if we are using Cross Icon(X), then it's a wrong image implementation. The best Icon should be a “Trash Icon” in that place. We should need to select the best orientated images with our product goals. So the best practice is to implement the best suitable image in design.


    Always Use High-Quality Images

    Always take care of image size before inducting it in the website.  It is advised that you consider the appropriate resolution sizes for specific ratios and devices.

    According to “Smashing Magazine”- “Display photos and graphics should be in their original aspect ratio. Don’t scale them more than 100%. Many of the designers use the exact resolution size of images for responsive websites and mobile apps. “Cloudinary” is an amazing tool that enables the designer to create or avail a responsive image breakpoints.


    Never Overcrowd your Website

    Going overboard with a lot of images can slow down your website and drive away the visitors. Images should be used to communicate the meaning and enhance the messaging. It is my advised that you stay away from blinking images, as they tend to clutter the entire web space.



    Image presentation is very much important for the Usability. Images have a rare quality to inspire and retain the audience to provide useful information.How do you find the article? Share your thoughts and feedback on the comment section below.

    How Image Presentation Helps To Improve User Experience (UX)?

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