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  • Create an App that Provides a Great End User Experience

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    Generally, the success of an app depends on a list of factors, in which the user experience plays a vital role. Without knowing the user’s behavioral patterns, one cannot build successful products. Creating of the user profile and gathering of the data is just an initial point of the User Experience journey. Here some of the tips are provided to achieve the optimal user experience.


    1)    Flexible On-boarding

    Along with the mobile apps, the on-boarding process is a critical one in the major determination of the success or failure of the product. Delivering of the perfect on-boarding experience is the major base for attracting the users. The main aim of the on-boarding is to describe the optimal value of the user-friendly mobile apps to the user just by demonstrating how they can achieve in an efficient manner.


    2)    Error-free processing & Functionality

    Most of the app creators do not spend enough time creating the functionality of the app and automatically ends up with the faulty product. A recent report exclaims that about ninety percent of the users stopped using the app due to the worst performance and about eighty-six percent of the people deleted or uninstalled at least one of the mobile apps because of its error spontaneous functionality. In case if the app does not work, to begin with, rest of the user experience elements is not a matter. The overall functionality of the app helps the user to complete the tasks and they can easily accomplish the goal easily.


    3)    Stress-free searching

    Always help the users to search for the data whatever they need and also satisfy their expectations. There is a list of search strategies where one can integrate into the app which includes the barcode scanning and the keyword search. Both the search option and the filters to guide them directly and it automatically increases the conversion rate too. The major purpose is to help the folks to find exactly whatever they need.


    4)    Usability

    Usability nothing but it includes the layout of data, design, content and the other major elements that enables to folks to accomplish the goal within the app. You can help the users without any hesitation and explain them just by describing which icons can be selected and tapped. In order to optimize the usability maintain the constancy with the gestures.  In case if swiping up means deleting an item and throwing the trash then it should be a true one for all the screens within the app.


    5)    100% Security

    Most of the users download the app and there is a list of permissions to be accepted before allowing the access to the app. A recent report exclaims that the privacy-invading apps are common one where it contains the malware. Then about eighty-two percent of the apps track the mobile activities and about eighty percent collecting the location data.


    At the same time, most of the app enquires about the credit card details. The e-commerce function is also integrated into the app and the same thing is also followed for the photo gallery permission along with no explicitly for it. It is a mandatory one for providing the transparent permission policies and it allows the folks to control how the personal data is shared within the mobile app.


    6)    Reduce User Input

    This is nothing but where the data users can enter the credit and the billing data especially during the registration or for the checkout. The user input should be a minimal one on the Smart phones as the users may get irritated within the small screen and the drop-off. In order to avoid the higher drop off rates, it is better to reduce the number of fields and to include only the important data and whatever is needed.


    7)    Offer Help Support

    This one offers the users within the app just by providing a list of support options. Most of the folks searching for the help option in the tab bar of an application. Offer the users the other possible ways to receive the support, self-serve FAQs include the live support with the aid of click-to-call buttons.


    8)    Encompass Behavioral Gesturization

    This one includes the several actions such as the pinching, swiping, scrolling while interacting with the app. The swipe gesture actions include the share and the delete. In order to understand the familiar actions, the user’s behavior is a crucial one. This is one of the best ways where the users can feel comfortable with the app and thus making the onboarding process an easier one.


    9)    Personalize the User Experience

    Personalization is a one where the behavior of the users is recorded by the app in the past days and it is again stored back for retargeting purposes. In case if a user had the option of buying patterns and one can provide with the lists of suggestions and to help the users with the purchasing decisions. On the other side of the coin, it is a more unique one and also more or less similar to that of the relevant experience to the user.

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