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  • Top 6 Features of AngularJS to Watch out in 2019

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    AngularJs has become widely famous as a JavaScript framework and developers all around the world prefer it to any other framework. The reason for this is because, with AngularJs, developers get amazing flexibility when developing user-friendly web-based platforms. The development process takes less time and the developers face fewer problems during the development. 


    It is considered to be one of the best frameworks because of the numerous features it comes with. Developing a feature-rich web application is really easy with AngularJs because of its various in-built advantages. So what are these features? Why is AngularJs considered to be one of the best JavaScript frameworks for your web application development? Let’s see.


    1. MVC Framework

    One of the best features of AngularJs is the smooth Model View Control Architecture that’s dynamic in nature, making it easier to develop the client-side of the web application. 


    Any applications are built with a combination of different modules. These different modules work with different logics and are initialized differently from each other. And yet, these modules are all interconnected with each other by some logic. The developers build all these components separately and then combine then together using codes and logics, fixing them in a single application. This entire process is an overhead for the entire MVC architecture. 


    With AngularJs, the developers don’t have to write any extra code to combine the different modules together. All the separate elements are automatically combined when you use this framework. And that is why for your web application development, you should choose to hire a certified angularjs developer. 


    2. Fewer Codes To Write

    Since developers don’t have to write extra codes for the MVC feature, there is very little coding required for development when using the AngularJs framework. The user interface is built using HTML, which is very easy to learn and implement, has very few tags and attributes for elements. Because of the data binding feature, there is no need for moving the data manually, therefore reducing the work. Not to mention, the app codes and directives have their different codes and can be written simultaneously by two different teams. 


    With AngularJs, you don’t have to write different codes for different devices. A single set of codes is enough to get the job done. And that’s why you need to hire dedicated AngularJs developer


    To take advantage of angularjs rapid application development.


    3. DOM Manipulation

    Usually, it is the view that manipulates DOM to update the data and behavior. However, with AngularJs, it’s the task of the directives. By taking the task of DOM manipulation away from the view, the developers can focus more on the functions of the view, as the MVC functions based on the view and the data flow over it. 


    4. Unit-Testing

    The use of AngularJs has made it easy to test the application. The application uses dependency injection in angularjs that binds the entire application together. This manages the scope and control of the app with ease. The controllers depend on the dependency injection to pass the data. The dependency injection is used to insert the testing data inside the controller to find out the behavior of the app and the output it generates. 


    5. POJO Model

    Plain Old JavaScript Objects model or POJO model are very self-sufficient when it comes to functionality. With POJO models, developers can get spontaneous and well-planned objects and logic easily. They only have to create loops of objects and arrays with required properties for the required results. This way they get the spontaneous and clear codes, that works perfectly to create user-friendly web-based applications using AngularJs. 


    6. Filters

    The filters work to filter the data before it reaches the view.  Performing paginations and filtering data array according to the parameters. The functions are modified according to the parameters and these are the only data formation task performed. This way the data is put in a proper format before it is placed in the view. 


    AngularJs is the hottest new trend in the development of web-based applications right now. Not only this framework is used to build web apps that are robust in nature, but user-friendly as well. So if you are thinking about developing your web platform with AngularJs, then make sure to look for a reputed angularjs web development company.

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