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  • 7 Killer Tips to Boost up Sales through Product Content Writing

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    In the world of internet, everything starts and ends with website conversion.


    If you have your desired conversions, you are undoubtedly on the winning side. But, what if your business is seeing a downhill owing to lower conversion rates?


    It’s high time you focus on the product content writing instead of pulling a long face.


    Apart from promoting the business, one must encourage the ideologies, purpose and cause of the products. This can be done through proper website content writing.


    Read on further to master the winning tips for a better conversion:



    1. Catchy product description

    To get exception product content writing, start with a compelling product description. Also make sure, to nail the headlines with triggering adjectives. The more descriptive and unique, the better will be the conversion rate.


    Not to mention, try to incorporate the necessary keywords seamlessly throughout the content.


    2. Promote readability with short and broken phrases

    However, the website content needs to be scannable. At first glance, the page needs to look digestible. The point blank way to do this is by adopting short and broken sentences.


    The primary purpose of this method is to deliver rich and quality content.


    3. Sturdy social media presence

    To boost up online sale a business entails strong social media presence. With proper social media post writing, a website can experience a better conversion in real time.


    However, the write-ups on various social media platforms should be daily otherwise there will be a decline in the followers.


    4. Infographic product video

    Another critical aspect of generating leads is infographic product video. Apart from imparting a visual treat, infographic descriptions are easy to comprehend.


    One can include figures and more technical terms to create a remarkable description.


    5. Optimise content with voice search SEO

    Over the last couple of years with the emergence of advanced AI assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri to name a few, SEO is gradually changing. More and more people are opting for voice search instead of typing.


    So, make sure to optimise website content with voice search SEO. Incorporate long tail keywords in the product content writing for having a conversational tone.


    6. Use a persuasive call to action

    Captivate both the customers and prospects by using persuasive call to action in the content. Take aid of power words and action words. For instance:

    • Sign up for free
    • Give us a here
    • Please do subscribe
    • Hurry up and click


    P.S.: One can also add a sense of emergency in the content.


    7. Hire content writing agency

    However, if you feel maintaining a website page with productive content is a daunting task, take the assistance of technical writing services.


    With their professional writers, you can receive useful content for the website. The expertise of the in-house writers has proven to be beneficial to sustain the break-neck competition. Additionally, with proper keyword research, they deliver winning write-ups to generate better ROI.


    So, what is the wait for? Hire professional content writers and give your business leverage with improved search engine rankings and sales.

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  • It was an interesting read. However, could you please help me out with a few pointers on how to boost sales via voice search optimization? I have been following the trends and found it to be of a trending presence. However, the techniques are beyond my knowledge and I would appreciate if you could enlighten me about the same.
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