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  • Best Practices For Product Knowledge Training For Employees

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    Frontline employees are the ones who are directly involved with the customers. So, it is an unwritten rule for them to be product experts. These days, customers are expecting a more personalized and amiable approach from the retailers. 


    Besides, solving their doubts, recommending appropriate options will make the customers feel important. In contrast, if the consumers find the customer services unsatisfying, they leave. Despite creating a great product, many businesses lose the benefit at the final step.


    Almost 90% of sales get affected by poor customer service. That’s why providing product knowledge training solutions is essential.


    Many businesses like Starbucks offer excellent customer services which are why they are leading in the field.


    This article empathizes the best ways to train your employees on product knowledge effectively to achieve the sales target sooner.


    Use microlearning tools


    Microlearning is the new trend in learning a skill or developing knowledge in a specific area. In fact, there are several advantages in incorporating a product knowledge training solution into any business.


    Specifically, you can design a customized course on your product listings with the help of e-learning content providers. Moreover, make sure that your training program is jam-packed with the necessary details in a simple manner. 


    Covering the application aspects followed to complex features in the modules will engage your employees in training.


    Operate product simulations


    Beyond the theoretical part, it is essential to provide a practical based training about your product/ service to the employees.


    This way, employees master product handling, especially if it's a mobile application. For best results, teach them how to handle worst-case scenarios like damage, malfunctions.


    A product knowledge training solution in a realistic manner solves the questions that arise in your employees' mind, thus conveying the customers the correct information regarding the product.


    Encompass interesting scenarios


    A trial and error practice works both ways; firstly, it makes the employees understand what to do and what not to do; secondly, it ensures the organization to address the pain points and their solutions to the customers.


    Including engaging role-play sessions makes the employees comfortable and confident in explaining the product descriptions to the customers.


    Creating an appropriate product knowledge training solution also enables in fostering effective communication in the frontline. Using a product knowledge training tool like CommLab India builts an e-learning strategy based on real-life scenarios to combat customer-employee problems.


    Product adoption and retention


    In the long run, rendering the best product knowledge training to your employees intensifies the ultimate purpose -that is educating the customers on how to use the product.


    It creates trust and reliability among the customers towards your services which in turn expands the sales. See, a product knowledge training solution can work in multiple ways.


    Eventually, customers rely on your product enabling their journey with your business becomes more vital that they use your products for a longer duration.


    Build a lasting impression


    Having a comprehensive knowledge of the products facilitates the sales employees to yield the maximum profit for the customers as well as the business.


    For example: if a customer wishes to know more about a particular product, an employee will say briefly about it. However, a trained sales employee knows the best fit for the customer, thus recommends the customer with it and tells how its the best option. 


    Through this small tweak, employees can hit two birds with one stone. One, retain the customer to your brand; two, give the customer an elite choice.




    By enrolling an appropriate product knowledge training for your employees, your business builds the trust in customers and escalates your sales. If you find any other innovative ways to train the employees on product knowledge, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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