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  • Top 3 Reasons Why React Native Mobile Development is in Popularity

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    You want to build a cross-platform app that utilises native device features to the optimum. You also want your app to be equipped with offline loading feature and optimum performance. You also do not want to lose on fast pace and ease of use. Fortunately, all these and many more can be ensured by React Native. No wonder, native and hybrid mobile app developers all over the world prefer React Native as their favourite development technology.


    1. Awesome performance

    The biggest but for React Native is its excellent performance. It uses the machine capacity to the optimum level. Let us explain the two fundamental ways React boosts the performance of apps.


    • CPU Usages: When it comes to memory usage and the utilisation of the CPU capacity, React Native offers lean performance. In CPU and memory usage it stands almost at par with most advanced programming languages such as Swift.
    • GPU Usages: React-Native is one of the most efficient languages when it comes to utilisation of GPU. When you compare it with Swift and Native, React Native easily wins the performance in overall parameters.


    React Native allows you to build apps with all the ease of use and ease of accessibility common to native apps. There are basically two main factors behind this.

    • The React Native makes you write the app logic in JavaScript in spite of the fact that your app remains fully native. This is typical of React Native and not common with HTML5 UI. Thus you bring together the best of both the worlds, the web and the native UI.
    • React is also rich with tools and all that is required for a highly functional and visually appealing user interface. In React Native the UI is the expression of the current application state.


    When it comes to the performance of the application, React Native is also unique in bridging the gaps between web and the native functionalities in more ways than one. In doing so React also helps to build the same app for both iOS and Android. The React Native applications are written with a mix of two powerful languages, respectively as JavaScript and XML. The React Native mobile app developers can easily integrate specific APIs of the mobile platforms. Thus after building an app with React Native, it remains a fully functional app for multiple mobile platforms and leaves no scopes for performance issues of any sort. This is also comforting for the developers as they can build a web-ready app with fully native features and functions.


    2. Fast-paced cross-platform development

    One of the biggest popularity factors for React Native is fast-paced development. React Native achieves the fast-paced development in four principal ways mentioned below.

    • React Native allows easily compiling JavaScript code with the real and native code and this boosts the development speed as platform ready app can be built with single code. 
    • React Native code is mainly JavaScript code and Facebook Engineering very well documents it. This ensures much easier and faster development.
    • The reusability of the React Native code also boosts the pace of development speed to a great extent.
    • The Hot Reload feature allows real-time updates of any new changes made without recompiling the code. This paves the way to really high-speed development.


    Reusability of code: When Facebook unleashed React Native for building their own app on iOS, it was ready for only one platform. But over time it became able to build the same app for the Android platform by utilising the same codebase. This reusability of code became the principal benefit of the framework now. While most other hybrid apps solve this problem by using WebView components, native components are used by React Native. The native components used by React Native are directly compiled to the language of the machine. This optimises not only the performance of the app for respective platforms, but it also boosts the development speed and lowers the time to market significantly.


    3. Truly native

    When working in a real-world scenario of development, the greatest aspect of satisfaction is that as a developer you never find any difference with a native app. This truly native user experience for the users and exceptional ease for the developers make React Native so popular. There are many ways React Native helps achieving this truly native developer experience.

    • Developer friendly architecture: React Native allows you to share components by just copying and pasting a folder. Thus just by spreading the code across different files also helps you debugging and detecting the errors. In contrast, finding errors in a long and complex file is always difficult.
    • Doing more with the editor: The editor in React Native makes life easier. Developers can also customise the editor to suit their typical needs and boost productivity. In fact, feeling comfortable with the editor is very important for the developer to stay productive and efficient.
    • Flexbox algorithm for component layout: When you realise that React Native so religiously uses flexbox algorithm for the components layout, you know why building beautiful and multilayered UI is so much easy with this framework. By flexboxing everything, you get total control on UI development while using React Native.



    From easy third-party API integration to beautiful UI elements, from the backing of world’s leading companies to a robust developer community across the globe, for any cross-platform development project React Native looks unparalleled in potential and promise. It is the performance, development speed and the strength of native experience that makes the key difference with React Native.

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