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  • Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Business App

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    Since the day smartphones and the Internet have gone mainstream, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives. From a simple alarm to booking a flight, learning a new language, ordering food, and transferring money, these mobile applications have offered us an ease and effective way of doing everything that we can possibly imagine.


    Because of this, users have started favoring brands and services that are available on mobile, rather than those continuing with the traditional processes. A result of this is that every startup and the established brand has begun to invest in mobile application development.


    Now here comes another challenge:

    With every app in the same business domain offering almost the same functionalities, how to become the first choice of your target user base? How to ensure that your application beat the tough competition and bring better profits at your door?

    The simplest answer is - mobile app design.

    Though everyone thinks that the app functionalities are the key drivers of user engagement, but the fact is that it’s the application’s UI/UX design that prompts users to click on the app icon. The app design motivates them to take a step further towards using the application and keep them hooked even when the task is done. 

    However, not all the designs rule the users’ minds. Some app designs confuse users and make them exit the platform forever. 

    This makes it imperative for one to know the right tactics of designing a business app for enjoying success. Something about which we will talk in this article.

    So, here we begin.


    1.   Know Your Audience


    Every audience has a different taste and expectation from their business mobile app’s design. In such a scenario, have a clear and in-depth knowledge about them is helpful in designing the app that touches their heart.

    So, look ahead to invest your efforts into performing market and competitive analysis, and ultimately, building your user persona. 



    2. Keep it Simple and Clear

    No wonder users prefer applications that are intuitive and gives a unique look. However, introducing multiple technologies and adding a vast range of design elements using the best design tools is not a good idea.

    Instead of making your app go viral, it confuses users, which affects app retention and other KPIs.

    So, it is a must to eliminate all the additional design elements and focus only on those that suit your core business value and add clarity to it. 


    3.  Focus on the Targeted Platform Rules

    Both the Android and iOS platforms come up with their own set of design rules. Ignoring them while designing your mobile application increases the chances of your app not appearing nice or working appropriately when published.

    This can bring a negative impression. So, it is necessary for every Entrepreneur and app development company to consider those rules set by Apple and Google for building their app.


    4.  Do not Overlook Whitespace

    Another thing that one must keep an eye on while designing their business application is Whitespaces.

    When you do not add whitespace to your app design, all the elements seem clubbed together, while gives a congested and awful impression. 

    However, when you introduce whitespaces in your app design at the right places, it gives a pleasant look and encourages users to concentrate on the essential elements.


    5.  Consider Speed 

    Users these days have so many options with them that they have gone impatient. They do not like waiting for any app page to load or perform any action. In such a scenario, overlooking the speed factor can be the biggest mistake in the process of designing your business mobile app.

    Now, when focusing on the relation of speed with app design, every design element like animated images, videos, etc. comes up with their own memory consumption and loading speed. When you use a lot many of them into your app, the total loading time increases.



    However, this does not mean that you can’t use them into your application. The right way to ensure that you introduce all such engaging elements without suffering at the speed front is to optimize these content appropriately.


    6.  Follow Latest UI/UX trends

    Following the latest UI/UX design trends is also one of the tips that every developer must follow.

    This helps you to introduce only those elements into your design that are trending in the current time and thus, increase the chances of success - rather than investing in design elements and techniques that no longer exist.


    7.  Invest in A/B Testing

    Last but not least, testing each and every module of your business app design is also a necessary thing. 



    This act gives you a clarity of which mobile app design elements operate and how they deliver an enhanced experience to the targeted users. It lets you get familiar with which elements/factors can affect your app’s proper functioning and eventually, the reputation. So, do not skip investing in A/B testing.

    The aforementioned were some of the things that one must focus upon while designing a business mobile app. Hope you find it useful!

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