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  • Top Reason why to Choose Flutter for App Development

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    Flutter is a popular framework developed by Google for simplifying the mobile app development. The framework comes with an attractive user interface that makes it faster to deploy the high-end cross-platform app. Today, most of the companies are embracing new technologies with the fastest adoption rate.


    At present, one among eight applications available at the play store is made using the Flutter. The framework is famous for various reasons, it offers an efficient way to build amazing and unified apps. Flutter app developers build the cross-platform apps that perform like native apps. An app created with flutter features such as intuitive design, smooth animation along with faster development, and low investment. For businesses, Flutter brings out splendid performance whereas developers get support to deliver the quality app in recorded time.


    Flutter is popular among developers because:

    • Flutter is a compatible cross-platform framework.
    • Flutter offers an SDK library, which allows the developers for widget customizations.
    • Flutter efficiently meets different business needs.


    Statistics Associated with Flutter


    According to the reports by Google, more than half a million developers use flutter:

    • Since the release of the 1.0 version in December 2018, about 2 million developers have successfully used Flutter for cross-platform app development solution.
    • The framework competes with the other framework such as React Native. Giving an edge, the open-source mobile UI framework helps developers to create native interfaces including Android and iOS app development solutions.
    • Flutter app developers call flutter best for ambient development.
    • You can develop apps for desktop, mobile, web apps, and every smart device from the same codebase.


    Breaking down the share of flutter app developers in different segment, almost:

    • 35% of developers are using the framework for startups.
    • 26% of the developers work for enterprises.
    • 19% of the cross-platform app developers using Flutter are self-employed.
    • 7% are working in design agencies. 


    As per platforms:

    • 60% of the developers work with Windows.
    • 27% are using macOS.
    • 13% are working over Linux.


    The top territories using Flutter are:

    • India
    • China
    • United States
    • EU
    • Brazil


    What do Flutter Developers Do?

    Businesses prefer to choose Flutter app development companies to get fast delivery of high-quality solutions. Flutter supports the same codebase across different platforms, which gives an ability for highly functional and effective app development in no time.


    If you are tech-savvy, then you must be aware with the latest technologies. But business owners who don’t have technical knowledge can go for cross-platform development solutions except choosing either iOS or Android app development solutions. However, if something is backed by Google, it cannot be worthless. The duties of Flutter developers include:

    • High-end interactive and functional app development for Android and iOS platforms.
    • Building UI/UX that delivers an engaging experience to users.
    • Robust web application code development compatible with a rapid development framework.
    • Incorporating features as per the demand of the app, such as chat functionality, online shopping, and searches, etc.
    • Support and maintenance of the application. 


    Usually, cross-platform app developers working with Flutter are experts with years of hand-on-experience.


    Benefits of Flutter 

    Using flutter for your next project can ease the development and deliver a quality app for every scale of business. Here are the reasons why you must choose Flutter over another competitor framework.

    1. Flutter Started as Open Source

    Flutter took its first step as the open-source software development toolkit. The open development forum is available where developers can post issues. The open-source community is consistently growing, where developers actively contribute to the platform. The support of the community helps amateur developers in increasing their efficiency.


    2. Single Codebase Across Different Platforms

    Cross-platform app development is meant to generate the code for multiple platforms, be it your wearable or smart device. Flutter is preferred for its fastest delivery of quality solution. What does faster app development mean? And how is it possible? Flutter offers the ease of using the single code for different platforms which saves a lot of time in writing the redundant code, unlike native app development. The lack of redundancy reduces the overall cost and effort of launching the app.


    3. An Efficient Programming Language

    Dart is an object-oriented programming language much like JavaScript that features a rich standard library, garbage collection, generics, strong typing, and async-awaits. Developers use this high-level interpreted programming language Dart for its reactive programming style, where developers can easily complete their common tasks. The programming language supporting Flutter is stable and perfect for building production-ready real-time apps. The app is capable of the powerful components of OOPs such as Inheritance, Interfaces for Polymorphism, and optional typing.
    Also, the PL efficiently handles Ahead-Of-Time and Just-In-time compilers. AOT enables to convert code directly into native machine code, while JIT allows compiling exceptionally fast development lifecycle.


    4. Hot Reload Development

    Hot Reload is the most amazing feature that makes the Flutter app development, one of the most sought after. Here developers can easily see the changes made to the code. Any update given to the code has instantly reflected the developers and designers. With Hot reload feature, a developer can keep on working over the framework without any interruption. The technology works by pushing the updated source code files to the Dart Virtual Machine. The framework automatically rebuilds the widget tree with the new version of functions and fields that gives developers a quick view of the changes. This too reduces the cost of development.


    5. Native performance

    Flutter app development companies gain all scores for the quality app and the faster execution regardless of the platform. Flutter makes it possible with the use of fast, simple, and easily compliable Dart programming language. Dart gives applications superior performance compared to other development platforms.


    6. Tech community

    Flutters is open-source and developers can post the issues to get expert’s advice. There is a powerful community of developers behind Dart that helps new developers to learn the framework. Also, there are more than 50 learning videos that help developers to get a better understanding of flutter app development. Flutter app developers can build effortless smart cross-platform apps while achieving native performance.


    7. Custom Widgets

    There are myriad widgets for helping developers in the development process. The basic user interface is easy to build using these widgets. Designers just need to create UI elements that will adapt different platforms, resolutions, and screens. Also, you can wrap one widget into other for different functions and to make it more efficient.


    8. More Investors

    Flutters allow the development of MVP that is perfectly compatible with different platforms. An MVP is the app with the basic features and function along with its core USP at the center. A quality Minimum Viable product, whether it is based upon iOS or Android, gives a basic idea of the app’s future, and imperatively attracts investors for funding your project. 


    9. Less Testing

    With flutter app development, you can get a highly adaptable mobile application. Developers can build engaging apps for six different platforms including Android, macOS, Linux, Web, iOS, and Windows. You don’t need to test your app over different devices. Flutter is perfect when it comes to custom mobile app development. Test the app once and you are ready for battle.


    Flutter is a futuristic technology that helps cross-platform app development companies to deliver custom applications to SMEs. Make sure to hire Flutter developers who are experts in handling complex applications and possess years of experience. The best mix of affordability, proficiency, and availability gives the real worth to any mobile app development platform. The best way to build a business-ready app is to stick to the industry-proven criteria and leverage the potential of the underlying platform. Google has brought many improvements to the framework over the past months and now Flutters is a competitive weapon for cross-platform battle.

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