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  • 7 Common Myths About Android App Development

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    Many people do not pay attention to the process of technological development – they simply use the resulting products. However, if we count a couple of years back, we would hardly remember such a variety of different apps that are hard to do without nowadays.


    At the same time, such consumerism and ignorance of the processes of app development stem from an abundance of different tools that help in their creation. However, a good product still requires time and effort. Moreover, high-quality mobile app development requires skills, knowledge, planning, and resources.


    Thus, every business needs to know that there is no mobile application developer who would agree to create an Android app for cheap just as any student knows that there is no person providing writing research paper service for no money. It is actually all about expectation vs. reality. 


    You can still believe that cheap mobile app development can provide you with a good product, but this is a myth. 


    And there are many more concerning Android app development. Let's uncover the most common ones.

    Launching the App Means Finishing Maintenance and Update


    The biggest problem with businesses that pay for mobile app development is that they might think that launching means the end of the process. However, this is only the first step towards proper app functioning.


    Any Android app needs constant work on identifying bugs, fixing vulnerabilities, and improving user experience. Only in this case, one can count on proper customer conversion and retention rates.


    If the application serves other purposes then sales, it still needs maintenance. Android, as the operating system, develops in line with devices' advancement. Thus, there is always the need for mobile software developers to make changes in codes that would allow proper usage of the app.


    Android Is Cheaper than iOS


    It is wrong to assume that Android app development is cheaper than iOS. Actually, a company that plans on targeting clients needs both Android and iOS app developers in its team. However, the process of app creation using Android tools takes as much time or even more that is needed for iOS app creation. 


    Different tools and programs may be used to develop a high-end app on Android, and this work requires to be well paid too.


    Marketing Serves to Increase Price


    Business owners tend to think that when they pay for development and launch, it ends all financial inflows in the venture. However, mobile app maintenance is much more than creation. 


    It is an ongoing process that is closely tied to marketing. Without it, people, namely your potential clients whom you target, will not know about the app. You need to give it a push when it appears in Google Play. It requires money, but the amount is less if the application is initially a good one. 


    Your Idea Is Enough


    Not at all. For Android and iOS app development, you indeed need an idea. It should be something attention-grabbing and convenient; something that would make your target audience interested. However, the idea itself is intangible. 


    You need a professional or a team to make it feasible and estimate how successful it will be if it becomes a reality. This feasibility check should be performed before the project starts to save money and define opportunities.


    App Developers Only Code


    Most of us already know that mobile software development is much more than just coding. Of course, this activity plays a decent role in the project. Yet, Android app development also requires knowledge in UX, frameworks, different tools, and cross-coding functionalities. 


    The professionals need to keep abreast of the trends to provide your app with the latest features. The more modern requirements the app meets, the better will be the result. All clients are into convenience and nice graphics.


    Native Development Saves the Day


    Wrong! Now it is almost impossible to develop a fully native app. For some features, developers would need to apply some cross-platform features. 


    It requires extra knowledge and skills from them as well as more time for completing the project. In the end, every client expects their app to work smoothly; the difference between native and cross-platform development should not be felt on any device.


    Android App Brings Money Immediately


    Like any asset, the Android app starts making money with time. You should not expect to get money as soon as clients begin downloading the app. Usually, you start as a free app for your audience to get to know you. Later, you offer a subscription or some built-in extra services for a payment. This is when your app becomes well-known and successful. 


    Final Words


    Both developers and customers ordering and working on apps still believe in some myths that do not actually correspond to reality. The earlier these facts become clear, the better. 

    Android apps, as well as iOS ones, are necessary for converting visitors into clients. 


    They are used for selling services and mediating business transactions. Thus, it is crucial that both counterparts know exactly what to expect before they involve themselves in Android app development.

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