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  • Test Case Review process / Peer review process

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    Test Case Review process

    When Customer gives requirements, development team start developing the product looking at the requirements and testing team start writing test cases looking at the requirements. Test engineers are writing test cases for a particular module based on the requirements. Once all the possible test cases have been written for that particular module, Test engineer send a mail to the Test lead saying that he have finished writing test cases for that module. Now, what the test lead does is he asks someone in the same testing team to review test cases written by Test engineer. The reviewer reviews all test cases looking at Test engineer modules requirements and in case of any mistakes sends it to Test engineer and also to Test lead. Test engineer correct all the mistakes and send a copy of the corrected test cases both to the test lead and to the reviewer. It need not be that all mistakes pointed out by the reviewer be correct, if Test engineer feel they are wrong, then Test engineer need to give proper justification as to why Test engineer test cases are correct. Once the reviewer says all the test cases are fine, he sends a mail to the test lead saying all the test cases are fine. The test lead then approves test cases and sends an approval mail to Test engineer saying that all the test cases are fine and to start executing the test cases.

    While reviewing, the reviewer checks the following:

    He checks whether the template is as per decided for the project.

    a) Checks whether all the attributes are captured or not.
    b) Checks whether all the attributes in the header are filled or not.
    c) Checks whether all the attributes in the header are relevant or not.

    a) Check whether all possible scenarios are covered or not.
    b) Check whether the flow of test case is good or not.
    c) Check whether the test case design techniques are applied or not.
    d) The test cases should be organized in such a way that it should less time to execute.
    e) Check whether the test case is simple to understand and execute.
    f) Check whether proper navigation steps is written or not.

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