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  • Incremental model: Advantages And Disadvantages

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    In the 'Incremental Model' we can separated to the entire requirements into different-different builds. In this model many development cycles occurs here for building the life cycle as the multi waterfall cycle. In the incremental model, we separated to the cycles into lesser and extra simply controlled components or modules. Here every module moves throughout these phases- requirements, design, implementation and testing. In the incremental model every next release of the module adds the functionality of the prior release. This method persists till the whole system is accomplished.   

    Please see the below diagram related with the incremental life cycle model --


    Advantages Of Incremental Model:- There are several types of advantages when using incremental model. Few advantages are mentioned as below --


    • The incremental model is extra flexible and less costly to modify the scope and the requirements.
    • This model is very easy and simple to verify and debug throughout the small iteration.
    • Using this model, produces the working software earlier and rapidly throughout the product life cycle.
    • By using this model client is able to respond to every built.


    Disadvantages Of Incremental Model:- There are also many disadvantage of the incremental model. Few of them are mentioned as below --


    • For incremental model, required good designing and well planning.
    • The complete cost of this model is higher than waterfall model.


    When we have to utilize the Incremental model ? These areas mentioned as below --


    • Mostly this model is utilized when all the requirements are of whole product is specific and understood.
    • When any new technology is being utilized.
    • When important requirements are determined.


    Incremental model: Advantages And Disadvantages

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