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  • SQL Queries Used in DATA VALIDATION

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    Some of the basic SQL queries used in data validation

    Table Name employee

    1. for selecting all the data from the table -

      select * from tablename

    2. Find the total number of records in a table-

      Select count (*) from emp where age >40

    3. How to get the results of a Query sorted in any order?

      SELECT empname, age, city FROM emptable ORDER BY empname

    4. To get the distinct entries from a table-

      SELECT DISTINCT empname FROM emptable

    5. Compare a part of the name rather than the entire name-

      SELECT * FROM people WHERE empname LIKE '%ab%'

    6. select first 5 records from a table-

      select top 5 * from em

    7. Select all record from emp where job not in SALESMAN  or CLERK.

      select * from emp where job not in ('SALESMAN','CLERK');

    8. records where ename starts with S and its lenth is 6 char.

      select * from emp where ename like'S____';

    9. Records where ename may be any no of character but it should end with R

      select * from emp where ename like'%R';

    10. fetch monthly salary of each and every employee?

      select ename,sal/12 as monthlysal from emp;

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