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  • Query String surfacing on my URls during the Google Search Results!

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    Answer it

    While entering the URL of my website, I’m getting the URL back but with  added query strings.

    I have tried disallowing the robots.txt file as Disallow: /*? and received a message stating:


    ‘A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt – learn more’.


    Please suggest me solid ways to avoid query strings on the URL. Thanks in Advance.

 2 Answer(s)

  • Hey Rinki,

    Thanks for asking this very good question. Robots exclusion protocol (REP), or simply robots.txt which is basically a text file that created to instruct robots (Googlebot/Bingbot/yahoo bot) how to crawl the pages on their website(Search Engines). The Robots.txt file must be placed in the top-level directory of a web server in order to run it properly.

    Source: Moz

    I guess you tried Disallow: /*? but it does not work well so you do not want show this URL in search engine SERP. There are two ways to disallow google from indexing your specific URL:
    • Canonical Tag
    • Webmaster Tool
    In the Canonical method you tell search engine bot that this page is not the original page(duplicate)  there is another original page.

    For eg: Let's say your Unwanted URL/Page: is  on this page's header put the canonical tag Somewhat like Second Webmaster Tools method You can directly go to Google and Bing webmaster tool there you can do it by URL Parameter Filters.    

    If you have any further queries, do message me. Twitter / LinkedInd

  • The role of robots.txt defines that, if you want to block site then use Disallow: /, but Google can still access ur site information.

    I am a bit confused with the solution you tried, as your solution is causing this issue.

    Here you are saying that, you tried disallowing robots.txt file as Disallow: / and if you did that, then obviously your site will be blocked by robots.txt file and a query sting "A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt" will be visible in SERP.

    To Avoid this allow all robots for your site with:
    User-agent: *
    As search engine need few days depending upon the content frequency of the website, so it is better to try a “fetch as google” request in google search console. 

    If this also doesn't work and your site is using a WP CMS, then check the "Discourage search engine" setting and allow it from there.

    Hope your query is resolved from the above information. Looking for more tips and suggestions below. To share & learn more knowledge on Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM connect me on QuoraTwitter and LinkedIn
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